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Statistics for Economics - Class 11 - CBSE (2020-21) by T R Jain and V K Ohri

Statistics for Economics - Class 11 - CBSE (2020-21) by T R Jain and V K Ohri
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Statistics for Economics - Class 11 - CBSE (2020-21) by T R Jain and V K Ohri

The book has been designed topic and subtopic-wise, keeping the students’ needs in mind. The current edition has certain unique features:

Each chapter starts with a To Do list. It gives the central idea of the chapter and the way it has been addressed.

Each chapter is divided into several sections corresponding to different components of the syllabus.

Each chapter is splashed with HOTS. This is to promote clarity of the basics.

Focus Zones in each chapter present a crux of the concepts.

Blocks in each chapter include matter of special significance.

Power Points and Revision Window offer a quick glance of the subject matter.

‘Exercise’ is tuned to the pattern of examination. Answers to important questions focus on the technique of writing. The exercise includes:

objective type questions (remembering & understanding based questions), divided into five sections:

(a) multiple choice questions, (b) fill in the blanks, (c) true or false, (d) matching the correct statements, (e) ‘very short answer’

objective type questions

reason-based questions

HOTS & applications

analysis & evaluation

CBSE questions (with answers or reference to the text for answers)

NCERT questions (with hints to answers)

miscellaneous and add-on questions (with hints or reference to the text for answers)

Dos and Don’ts (at the end of each chapter) should serve as a safeguard against misinterpretation of the concepts.

Ability Zone is a uniquely designed section at the end of the chapter. This raises the difficulty level, of course, but should serve as a useful material for the outstanding learners.

Solved & Unsolved numericals are given to boost a grip on the subject.

Books Information
Author Name T R Jain and V K Ohri
Edition 2020-2021
Condition of Book Used

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