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Human Anatomy Models

We are involved in exporting, supplying and importing a supreme assortment of Human Anatomical Models. Our range includes Skin Models, Heart Models, Artery Models, Joint Models, Skull Models, Digestive System, Kidney Models, Eye Models, Knee Models, Shoulder Joint Models, etc. These are highly valued among the esteemed clients for their user friendliness, durability, light weight, and smooth finishing. The offered models are designed using premium quality raw material and advanced technology by our professionals.

Model: KKI-124
Usage/ApplicationMedical CollegeTypesPelvis ModelColorWhiteBrandStarter GroupMaterialPVCTemperature Range90-100 Degree CDescription:The size of this model is just the same as the realities and made of PVC plastic.It shows the following:Pelvis shapes: Short and broadPelvis cava: Like a barrelAperture..
Rs.2,225.00 Rs.2,375.00
Ex Tax:Rs.2,225.00
Advanced Delivery Mechanism Demonstration Simulator
-34 %
Model: KKI-F52
Usage/ApplicationMedical CollegeTypeDemonstration Simulator ModelBrandSTARTER GROUPColorSkinMaterialPVCPackaging TypeBox1. An anatomically correct pelvic model with fetus and placenta to give students experience with multiple technique and procedure for emergency childbirth.2. Twinborn (one infant b..
Rs.60,000.00 Rs.91,500.00
Ex Tax:Rs.60,000.00
Advanced Elderly Fully Functional Nursing Manikin (Female) by Starter Group
-36 %
Model: KKI-H220B
Usage/ApplicationMedical CollegeSize5-6 FeetBrandStarter GroupColorSkinMaterialPVCOperation ModeManualWarranty1 yearThe manikin is designed according to the physiological characteristic of old male people for the basic clinical nursing training. The product consists of full-body female elderly manik..
Rs.83,000.00 Rs.130,000.00
Ex Tax:Rs.83,000.00
-36 %
Model: KKI-H220A
Usage/ApplicationMedicalTypeelderly nursing manikinSizeadult life sizeBrandStarter GroupMaterialPVCFeaturesAdvanced Full-functional Elderly Nursing Manikin (Male)Operation ModeMANUALWarranty2 YEARSWeight15 KGThe manikin is designed according to the physiological characteristic of old male people for..
Rs.83,000.00 Rs.130,000.00
Ex Tax:Rs.83,000.00
-26 %
Model: KKI-S16
Usage/ApplicationMedicalTypeInjection training modelSizeLife sizeBrandStarter GroupColorSkinMaterialPVCSimulate infant left leg and design the skeleton, skin, muscle and blood vessel according to the anatomical characteristics of infant leg. The model is life size and made of imported plastic materi..
Rs.25,760.00 Rs.34,600.00
Ex Tax:Rs.25,760.00
-34 %
Model: KKI-F53
Usage/ApplicationMedical CollegeSizeAdult female sizeBrandStarter GroupColorSkinMaterialPVCTypeMedical TypeFeatures:1. Demonstrate the whole process of delivery;2. Demonstrate the fetus, umbilical cord and placenta of vacuum-assisted delivery, flexible fetal joint, and multiple normal and abnormal p..
Rs.62,000.00 Rs.94,000.00
Ex Tax:Rs.62,000.00
-37 %
Model: KKI-J110
Usage/ApplicationMedical CollegeTypeAnatomical ModelSize5 FeetBrandStarter GroupColorSkinMaterialPVCModel Name/Number110Packaging TypeBoxFeatures:1. With all functions of KAR/21001). Hair and face washing2). Eye and ear washing and administering3). Mouth cavity and artificial teeth care4). Endotrach..
Rs.101,000.00 Rs.160,000.00
Ex Tax:Rs.101,000.00
Basic Nursing Pharmacology Manikin by Starter Group
-22 %
Model: KKI-H2
Usage/ApplicationMedical CollegeSize5-6 FeetBrandKay KayColorSkinMaterialPVCPackaging TypeBoxFeatures:1. Hair and face washing and sponge bath2. Mouth cavity care3. Endotracheal intubation4. Oxygen inhaling5. Nasal feeding6. Gastrolavage7. Intracardiac injection8. Closed chest cardiac resuscitation9..
Rs.24,000.00 Rs.30,900.00
Ex Tax:Rs.24,000.00
Decubitus Ulcer Care Model by Starter Group
-30 %
Model: KKI-H90E
Usage/ApplicationMedical CollegeSizeLIFE SIZEBrandStarter GroupColorSkinMaterialPVCTypeAnatomical ModelSubjectMedicalFeatures: 1. 4 stages of ulceration2. Decubitus ulcer kinds: sinus, fistula, corruption scab, infection, bone exposure, eschar, suturing incision, Herpes and Monilia infection.3...
Rs.42,000.00 Rs.60,250.00
Ex Tax:Rs.42,000.00
Human Fertilization And Early Embryogeny Model by Starter Group
-28 %
Model: KKI-A42002
Product Details:Usage/ApplicationMedical CollegeBrandStarter GroupColorNaturalMaterialPVCTypeAnatomical ModelModel Name/Number42002Packaging TypeBoxFeatures:1.  Shows the development from ovum to the fetus in third month.2.  16 positions are displayed...
Rs.34,000.00 Rs.47,500.00
Ex Tax:Rs.34,000.00
IV Injection Pad by Starter Group
-18 %
Model: KKI-442
BrandStarter GroupUsage/ApplicationMedical CollegeProduct TypeFinished ProductPackaging TypeBoxMaterialPVCModel Name/Number442 AFeatures :• Wearable design• Replaceable skin and blood vessel• Venipuncture• I.V., transfusion, blood sampling, etc.• Realistic feedback, blood back¿¿¿ow• Repeating practi..
Rs.2,650.00 Rs.3,250.00
Ex Tax:Rs.2,650.00
Knee Joint Model by Starter Group
-20 %
Model: KKI-111
Usage/ApplicationMedical CollegeTypesAnatomical ModelSize12.5 x 12.5 x 32 cmBrandStarter GroupColorWhiteMaterialPVCProduct Name: Life-Size Knee JointMaterial: PVCDescription:Demonstrate abduction, anteversion, retroversion, internal/external rotation. Include flexible, artificial ligaments..
Rs.1,600.00 Rs.2,000.00
Ex Tax:Rs.1,600.00
Larynx, Heart & Lungs Model by Starter Group
-21 %
Model: KKI-320
Product Details:Minimum Order Quantity1 PieceUsage/ApplicationClinicalTypeANATOMICAL MODELSizeLIFE SIZEBrandStarter GroupColorNaturalMaterialPlasticPackaging TypeBoxThis life-size model separating into 7 parts. The lungs have two removable lobes to show the internal structures, the heart bisects sho..
Rs.6,180.00 Rs.7,800.00
Ex Tax:Rs.6,180.00
Liver Pancreas and Duodenum Model by Starter Group
-10 %
Model: KKI-311
Minimum Order Quantity1 PieceUsage/ApplicationMedical CollegeTypeLIVER, PANCREAS & DUODENUM MODELSize150-160cmBrandStarter GroupColorNaturalMaterialPVCDescription:This model demonstrates the liver, spleen, blood vessels and pancreas. External structures are illustrated as well as the pancreatic ..
Rs.2,300.00 Rs.2,550.00
Ex Tax:Rs.2,300.00
Model: KKI-302
Product Details:Size150-160cmTypeAnatomical ModelUsage/ApplicationMedical CollegeMaterialPVCColorWhiteBrandStarter GroupDescription:The model shows the small branches of principal bronchus: 1. Section of bronchiole of no cartilage. 2. The relation between pulmonary alveoli and terminal bronchiole. 3..
Rs.2,228.00 Rs.2,380.00
Ex Tax:Rs.2,228.00
Model: KKI-123
Usage/ApplicationMedical CollegeSizeADULT LIFE SIZEBrandStarter GroupColorWhiteMaterialPVCTypeAnatomical ModelDescription:The size of this model is just the same as the realities and made of PVC plastic.It shows the following:  Pelvis shapes: Long and narrow  Pelvis cava: Like a funnel &nb..
Rs.2,225.00 Rs.2,375.00
Ex Tax:Rs.2,225.00
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