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Abc murders by agatha by Agatha Christie

Abc murders by agatha by Agatha Christie
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Abc murders by agatha by Agatha Christie

The ABC Murders is a detective novel by Agatha Christie in which Hercule Poirot is challenged by a murderer.

Summary of the Book

Hercule Poirot is one of the best private detectives one can find. Indeed, his fame seems to have outrun his luck when he receives a rather curious and disturbing letter in the mail. The letter is neatly typed, signed as ABC and challenges Poirot to a contest of wits. It mentions Andover and gives Poirot a date, claiming that a murder is going to take place. Colonel Arthur Hastings, Poirot’s close friend and confidante, brushes this off as the ravings of a madman but Poirot knows better. And surely enough, Alice Ascher is murdered in her shop at Andover. ABC moves methodically and then sends Poirot another letter. This time he lists Bexhill, and like clockwork, the body of Betty Barnard is found lifeless on the mentioned date. The third letter is what unnerves Poirot the most, for the hitherto meticulous murderer has made a mistake. He has misspelled Poirot’s name, and that is a clue in itself for Poirot’s grey cells. Can Poirot catch the ABC murderer in time before he kills right through the entire alphabet or has the little Belgian detective finally found his match?

About Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie was an English novelist best known for her murder mystery novels. She created several best-selling storylines centred around timeless characters such as Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Tommy and Tuppence and Parker Pyne. Some of her best known books are A Mysterious Affair at Styles, Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case, And Then There Were None and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.

The current title was adapted for TV in Agatha Christie's Poirot, starring David Suchet as Poirot and Hugh Fraser as Hastings.

Series Reading Order

Hercule Poirot fans, twirl your moustaches and get your copy of Murder in Mesopotamia, Poirot’s next adventure.

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