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DANCE OF GOVINDA by Banker, Ashok K

DANCE OF GOVINDA  by  Banker, Ashok K
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DANCE OF GOVINDA by Banker, Ashok K

The tamer of Putana, the god-child, the redeemer of the world, the Slayer of Kamsa, dances with abandon amidst his own.

As we move into the second instalment of Ashok K. Banker s Krishna tales, the prophesied Slayer of Kamsa has been born and smuggled out of Mathura in the dead of the night. Kamsa finds that his nephew has  escaped and flies into a demoniac rage. Meanwhile, his evil ally Jarasandha of Magadha arrives in Mathura with his coterie of powerful supporters to ensure that Kamsa stays loyal to him. But Kamsa is not to be crushed. With the help of Putana, a powerful demoness living incognito among humans, he slowly regains his strength and acquires new powers.

In Book 2 of the Krishna Coriolis series, Ashok K. Banker retells the legendary exploits of the Preserver in his most lovable avatar, bringing alive the majesty and splendour of ancient India and the high drama of its epics.

About The Author
Ashok K. Banker is the author of the internationally acclaimed Ramayana series® and other books. He lives in Mumbai with his family. Visit him online

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