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100 Minds that Made the Market by Ken Fisher

100 Minds that Made the Market by Ken Fisher
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100 Minds that Made the Market by Ken Fisher

This book presents 100 such people, each of whom contributed something, a lesson, an innovation, or a scam. Their minds made the innovations and their impact made the market what it is, so ultimately and simply, it was their minds that made the market hence the book's title. Looking back on their lives in invaluable for anyone who never stopped to think how the market came about and essential for everyone connected with today's market and tomorrow's future. As the saying goes, "Those who do not learn from past mistakes are doomed to repeat them". Here you have 100 of the best teachers available to save you from learning the hard way the lessons their lives so vividly portray. In reading 100 Minds That Made the Market, you will find the story behind Wall Street's gradual formation as fascinating and engrossing as the market itself.

Table of Contents:





  • Chapter 1: The Dinosaurs
  • Chapter 2: Journalists and Authors
  • Chapter 3: Investment Bankers and Brokers
  • Chapter 4: The Innovators
  • Chapter 5: Bankers and Central Bankers
  • Chapter 6: New Deal Reformers
  • Chapter 7: Crooks, Scandals and Scalawags
  • Chapter 8: Technicians, Economists and Other Costly Experts
  • Chapter 9: Successful Speculators, Wheeler-Dealers and Operators
  • Chapter 10: Unsuccessful Speculators, Wheeler-Dealers and Operators
  • Chapter 11: Miscellaneous, But Not Extraneous
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