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Artemis Fowl by Colfer Eoin

Artemis Fowl by Colfer Eoin
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Artemis Fowl by Colfer Eoin

Artemis Fowl 1 (Reissue) is a captivating novel that belongs to the Artemis Fowl series and follows the adventures of Artemis Fowl, who is the twelve-year-old son of an Irish criminal by the same name.

Summary Of The Book

Artemis Fowl tries hard to prove the existence of fairies and finally believes that he has been able to do so when he conducts a great deal of research on them in Artemis Fowl 1 (Reissue). He is twelve years old and is a criminal genius. He has a bodyguard named Butler who accompanies him everywhere. Following this discovery about the fairies and their existence, he journeys to Ho Chi Minh City with Butler, to catch a fairy, who is under the influence of alcohol. He intends to obtain the sacred book of the fairies, The Book of the People, from that fairy. This book has been written in the language of the fairies, which is known as Gnommish.

The readers are then told of the adventures of Captain Holly Short, as she tries her best to capture a renegade troll, who has made his way up from the deep parts of the earth, to its surface. With the help of Foaly and Julius Root, she is able to capture this troll but exhausts her magical powers in the process. Holly tries to perform the magic restoration ritual but is tranquilized by Artemis and Butler, while doing so.

Artemis Fowl is able to unearth the previously unknown secrets regarding the ritual that could help Holly regain her magical powers. He does this by translating the text of the book, which he has obtained. What follows is a secret intrusion that takes place in Artemis’ home. Butler is able to capture the intruders, namely Julius Root and a few others. Various twists and turns take place, which include a ransom demand by Artemis.
The action continues as the fairies recruit a criminal dwarf by the name of Mulch Diggums, in an attempt to gain access to Artemis’ home. Foaly also helps in these attempts. While all of this is taking place, Holly has managed to break free from captivity and has regained her magical powers as well, after performing the required ritual.

The climax of Artemis Fowl 1 (Reissue) is when the situation of Artemis’ mother is revealed and only Holly can help her come out of this mess. The author is extremely successful in keeping the audience captivated as he ensures that the book is packed with loads of action and suspense. This is reflected in his writing style as well. The popularity of this novel series has brought a great deal of recognition and respect for the author.

About Eoin Colfer

Eoin Colfer is a renowned author from Wexford, Ireland, well-known for his novel series Artemis Fowl.

Apart from writing this book, the author has also written a number of other novels. Some of the books written by Colfer include Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident The Graphic Novel (2009), The Supernaturalist: The Graphic Novel (2012), and Eoin Colfer’s Legend Of The Worst Boy In The World (2007).

The author was born on the 14th of May, 1965.  Although he was a writer for a long time, he gained worldwide recognition in the year 2001, for his novel series Artemis Fowl. The books written by Eoin Colfer have been compared to the literary works of J.K. Rowling. He has been a New York Times best-selling author for a number of his publications. He currently resides, along with his spouse and two kids, in Wexford, Ireland.

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