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A Roller Coaster Ride by by Saumil Shrivastava

A Roller Coaster Ride by by Saumil Shrivastava
A Roller Coaster Ride by by Saumil Shrivastava

This is tale about an IITian Guy, a lively character, who while at IIT preferred girls over hanging out with friends or seniors. He was famous among fellow IITians for his stories of late night chats with strange girls on yahoo, orkut and on phone. During placement, after failing to clear several written tests, he some how manages to get a job. He shifts to Gurgaon with a notion to change his lover boy image leaving behind his girl friend (made through Orkut) wondering what if he hooks up with any other girl who unlike her is professional and extrovert, basically Maddy's kind of girl. In Gurgaon, he shifts to flat no. H-93 where he lived with five other flatmates of different backgrounds and behaviors. Three of them were from the same IIT and were also joining the same company. They had heard about Maddy through word of mouth. The ghost of lover boy image followed him to Gurgaon. He immediately starts feeling discomfort in their company. H-93 brings a surprise element in his life, whether it was a routine booze party on the weekend or a request for the blind date from an Orkut or arrival of the cook who claimed to have worked with Imran Hashmi and Saroj Khan. To Maddy, his flatmates were living a life without hitches. Maddy starts his 1st day at office with a dream that he should achieve name & fame in the corporate world. There he meets Divya, alumnus Bits Pilani, who leads her first project. She was a typical tom boy kind of girl with a built few extra pounds. She was among the best analyst, extremely talented; had won several competitions and also started Entrepreneurship Cell back in her college days. Her credentials and Maddy's dreams were in-sync, so soon they become the closest pals and he increasingly becomes dependant on her for almost everything. He starts spending more and more time in the office even during the weekends, ignoring his H-93 flatmates to an extent that they start thinking of kicking him out of the house. Very soon he becomes the star analyst in the group and also catches an entrepreneurship fever. Amidst all this his love life starts coming off track. But Divya gives him unmatchable support and they together take the journey of their life when they traveled thousand miles to Mumbai. They had little idea what destiny had in store for them. There life changed for ever after that.... After coming from Mumbai, Divya was asked to leave her job, which was followed by series of incidents that shook Maddy's world. The mystery unfolds and his professional career undergoes a downfall and he reaches a situation of getting fired from his job. To find out how Maddy endeavors to become a start analyst...why and what about the Mumbai trip....what was the mystery? What happened to his love life? Were H-93 flatmates actually on a smooth ride and do they actually kick him out? Was Maddy successful in fulfilling his dreams? Go and grab your copy now.

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