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You Can Heal Your Life (English, Paperback, Louise L. Hay)

You Can Heal Your Life  (English, Paperback, Louise L. Hay)
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You Can Heal Your Life (English, Paperback, Louise L. Hay)

You Can Heal Your Life explains the power of thoughts and affirmations, and how thoughts can shape your life.

Summary Of The Book

You Can Heal Your Life shows the readers how they can transform their lives by gradually changing their perspectives. The author says that the thoughts and beliefs of a person have more power than they realize.

A person’s beliefs and attitude are mostly shaped during their childhood. The adult perspective is a product of the way their parents taught them to think, social norms, peer attitudes and other external factors. Each thought is an affirmation, whether it is positive or negative. Each affirmation carries its own energy and influences the person’s life. If a person thinks that life has made them a victim of circumstances, then, the author says that they are making sure they continue to be victims.

Negative thoughts tend to attract the very things that a person wants to avoid. Health, prosperity, happiness, security, all these can be influenced by the way a person thinks. This book shows how to make those thoughts positive. It gives a set of positive affirmations that the reader can post in various places, to inspire themselves to remain positive.

It teaches the reader that they should first stop being hypocritical of themselves. She encourages a positive attitude towards one’s life and relationships. The author feels that if a person looks at the positive side of every aspect of life, they start attracting more positives to themselves. She emphasizes that positive affirmations, accepting oneself as they are, looking for the positives in each situation, and being more cheerful can transform a person and the lives of those around them.

You Can Heal Your Life says that the power to heal any adverse situation in a person’s life is in their own hands. They have more power over their lives than they realize, and the cure is simple. It is in gradually changing the way they think about themselves and the situations that affect them.

The book was first published in 1984 and was second on the New York Times bestsellers list. The book has sold over 50 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 30 languages.

About Louise L. Hay

Louise L. Hay is an American author. Other books by Hay are Heart Thoughts, Painting The Future, Gratitude: A Way Of Life, Power Thoughts, Experience Your Good Now!, 101 Ways To Health And Healing, Inner Wisdom: Meditations For The Heart And Soul, The Power Is Within You, You Can Create An Exceptional Life, and Everyday Positive Thinking.

She writes motivational and self-help books. Louise L. Hay was born in California in 1926. She had a hard childhood and her mother’s remarriage resulted in an unhappy life. She became a mother herself in her mid-teens and had to give up her child for adoption. She started the First Church of Religious Science. She also attended Transcendental Meditation classes at the Maharishi International University. She began to write and teach about affirmation and positive thinking, citing the many ways she used them to good effect in her own life. Her publishing company Hay House, publishes books on New Age systems of beliefs and self-help books by various authors.

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