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Altered Destiny Paperback – May 21, 2014 by Suhas Inamdar

Altered Destiny Paperback – May 21, 2014 by Suhas Inamdar
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Altered Destiny Paperback – May 21, 2014 by Suhas Inamdar

Is the destiny of every person already written and sealed? If so, can anyone change it? Does the sub-conscious mind have the power to alter the destiny by positive thinking alone? Welcome to ‘Altered Destiny’ a book based on human optimism, faith and belief. It is the story of Yashwant Rathore, a jailor who always tries to transform every prisoner in his jail. He treats all the prisoners with compassion, counsels and motivates them to lead a positive life after their release. His life changes one day … when he decides to reform the notorious criminal Dilawar Khan by using the power of his sub-conscious mind. However, his dreams are shattered when Dilawar Khan escapes from the prison in a daring adventurous drama and continues to execute the tasks assigned by the ‘Organization’. But Yashwant does not give up and continues to believe that Dilawar Khan would be reformed one day… Strangely enough, Dilawar Khan comes across certain extra-ordinary situations while executing his ‘tasks’ which show him an unknown new side of life, which is full of innocence, hope, love and spirituality. In order to avoid being caught by the police and the Organization, Dilawar Khan turns fugitive and stays incognito. Would Yashwant’s sub-conscious mind succeed in eventually reforming Dilawar Khan? How would the ‘Organization’ react to Dilawar Khan’s new ideology, which is based on love and compassion? Would the law ever catch up with Dilawar Khan and punish him for the crimes committed by him earlier in his life? Can a reformed criminal live a peaceful life? What does the human side of a terrorist look like? Altered Destiny is an interesting fast-paced story with several twists and turns which will keep the reader glued to the book till the very end. The book also attempts to explore whether ‘World Peace’ can be attained through the power of sub-conscious mind, thereby altering the global destiny.

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