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Instrumentation, Measurement & Analysis by Nakra B.C

Instrumentation, Measurement & Analysis by Nakra B.C
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Instrumentation, Measurement & Analysis by Nakra B.C

Table of Content
PART I : Functional Elements and Characteristics of Instruments
1. Introduction to Instruments and Their Representation
2. Static Performance Characteristics of Instruments
3. Dynamics Characteristics of Instruments
4. Transducer Elements
5. Intermediate Elements
6. Indicating and Recording Elements
PART II : Measurements Methods and Applications
7. Motion Measurements
8. Force Measurements
9. Torque and Power Measurements
10. Pressure Measurements
11. Temperature Measurements
12. Flow Measurements
13. Acoustics Measurements
14. Signal and System Analysis
15. Condition Monitoring and Signature Analysis Applications
16. Non Destructive Testing
17. Miscellaneous Instruments in Industrial, Bio-medical and Environmental Applications
18. Recent Developments in Instrumentation and Measurements
19. Control Engineering Applications
PART III : Data Analysis
20. Basic Statistical Concepts
21. Normal Distribution
22. Graphical Representation and Curve Fitting of Data
23. Application of Digital Computers in Experimental Data Analysis
1 : Fundamental and Derived Quantities in International System of Units
2 : Step Response of a Second Order System
3 : Auto-Correlation Functions of a Random Signal
4 : Statistical Properties of a Pair of Random Signals

Books Information
Author Name Nakra B.C
Edition 3rd
Condition of Book Used

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