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Textbook of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY for JEE Main & Advanced (English, Paperback, Dr. R K Gupta)

Textbook of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY for JEE Main & Advanced  (English, Paperback, Dr. R K Gupta)
Textbook of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY for JEE Main & Advanced (English, Paperback, Dr. R K Gupta)

Textbooks have always held their relevance high be it for a first grader or the one preparing for IIT JEE. A powerhouse of knowledge, a foundation stone for the future success, the textbooks play a crucial role in achieving success in various engineering entrances like JEE Main Advanced.This textbook of Organic Chemistry has been designed by author having years of experience of teaching Organic Chemistry to engineering aspirants.This master piece on Organic Chemistry has been designed to meet the needs of engineering aspirants and thoroughly cover the subject matter. The best-selling texts provide the students with a solid understanding of Organic Chemistry. The book has been divided into 20 chapters namely Bonding in Organic Compounds-A Basic Concept, Purification Elemental Analysis, Nomenclature of Organic Compounds, Isomerism, Mechanism of Organic Reactions, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Alkyl Halides, Monohydric Alcohols, Ethers, Oxiranes Polyhydric Alcohols, Aldehydes Ketones, Carboxylic Acids, Functional Derivatives of Carboxylic Acids, Amines, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, Aromatic Compounds, Cycloalkanes and Functional Group Analysis, each divided into number of topics. The contents of the book completely demystify the Organic Chemistry by stressing how fundamental reaction mechanisms are established and the different reactions do occur. The topics have been covered in natural flow to facilitate their true assimilation. Solved examples have been provided in each chapter for better comprehension of topics covered under the syllabi. Also chapter proficiency tests have been provided at the end of each chapter to help students master the organic molecular structures and the reactions involving them and to help students self analyse their level of preparation for the upcoming examinations. Miscellaneous problems along with appendices have been covered at the end of the book. Also last six years (2010-15) previous years questions of JEE Main Advanced have been provided at the end of the book to help aspirants score high in the upcoming entrance examinations.As the book contains ample text material along with plenty of solved and unsolved questions, it is a must have book for all engineering aspirants and all those desiring to get entry into premier engineering institutes of the country. 

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An editorial team of highly skilled professionals at Arihant, works hand in glove to ensure that the students receive the best and accurate content through our books. From inception till the book comes out from print, the whole team comprising of authors, editors, proofreaders and various other involved in shaping the book put in their best efforts, knowledge and experience to produce the rigorous content the students receive. Keeping in mind the specific requirements of the students and various examinations, the carefully designed exam oriented and exam ready content comes out only after intensive research and analysis. The experts have adopted whole new style of presenting the content which is easily understandable, leaving behind the old traditional methods which once used to be the most effective. They have been developing the latest content & updates as per the needs and requirements of the students making our books a hallmark for quality and reliability for the past 15 years.

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