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Who am I by Tiwana Dalip Kaur
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Model: sga556
A woman in search of self-realization travels to the Haridwar with a group of sadhus and sanvis. She soon leaves the Haridwar and goes her own way in search of truth.Summary of the BookIt is not uncommon for a person who is fed up of life to go on a journey that might enlighten them. Here is a story..
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WHY WE LOVE THE WAY WE DO by Preeti Shenoy
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Model: sga466
WHY WE LOVE THE WAY WE DO by Preeti Shenoy..
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Wild Designs by Katie Fforde
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Model: sga1080
And when she wins the opportunity to design a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show with the unexpected help of gorgeous architect Patrick Donahugh, it looks as though Althea may have unearthed a new man as well as a new career....
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Model: sga1328
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Windhaven by Martin George R. R.
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Model: sga652
On the water world of Windhaven, the silver-winged flyers bring promise, song and stories. However, their wings are in dwindling numbers and the future of their race is up for grabs in this fantasy novel by G. R. R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle.Summary of the BookFlyers hold the hope of the world. In Wind..
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Winter Of The World: Book Two Of The Century Trilogy  by Follett Ken
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Model: sga686
In Winter of the World, Follett takes readers into the heroism and horror of World War Two, and the dawn of the atomic age. From on the ground inside Nazi Germany to above Pearl Harbor, from the halls of power in London and Washington D.C. to the deeply hidden spy networks in Russia and Europe, Wint..
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Wise Enough to be Foolish by Jayaram Gauri
-60 %
Model: sga801
It isn’t easy to write about your life, even if it is in a fictionalized format. Maybe there are some things that you do not want people to know and yet one cannot help but talk about those. “Wise enough to be Foolish” by Gauri Jayaram is one such book that chronicles her life (fictionally though an..
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Wish You Well by David Baldacci
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Model: sga65
Wish You Well by David Baldacci ..
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With Or Without You by Helen Warner,Simon
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Model: SGCa128
Book DescriptionAbout the Book: With Or Without YouWhat if everything you ever wanted was not enough? Martha Lamont has it all: a passionate marriage, two well-adjusted children, a lovely home and a high-profile job as a showbiz interviewer for a major national newspaper. Her gorgeous husband, ..
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Without Sin Red Sky in the Morning by Margaret Dickinson
-60 %
Model: SGBf146
Without Sin Red Sky in the Morning by Margaret Dickinson..
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Wolf of the Plains by Conn Iggulden
-59 %
Model: sga569
Temujin was chasing a vision: to unite many tribes into one, to make the earth tremble under the hoofbeats of a thousand warhorses, to subject unknown nations and even empires to his will...
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Yashodhara: A Novel by P.S.V Prasad
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Model: sga16700
The story of Siddhartha, the future Gautama Buddha, leaving the palace to start his spiritual journey and attain enlightenment has been told innumerable times over the centuries. And yet, have we never wondered why his young wife, Yashodhara, still recovering from the birth of their son nine days ag..
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Year of the Tiger by jack higgins
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Model: SGBc145
Year of the Tiger by jack higgins ..
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Yesterdays Houses by cheek mavis
-60 %
Model: SGCa135
Yesterday's Houses by Mavis Cheek is a classic Cheek comedy of manners that will delight her many fans. From the bestselling author of Janice Gentle Gets Sexy and Mrs Fytton's Country Life comes a tragicomic tale of one woman's journey to independence via seven houses, three men and many disappointm..
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Yours Faithfully by Sheila Oflanagan
-60 % Out Of Stock
Model: sga1143
Sheila O'Flangan's wonderfully gripping, dramatic and touching novel YOURS, FAITHFULLY is essential reading for fans of Marian Keyes and Freya North.Iona Brannock has always been impatient. Not one to hang around, she married her gorgeous husband just months after meeting him and they have lived hap..
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Zen Garden: Conversations with Pathmakers  by Subroto Bagchi
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Model: sga207
Zen Garden was a column that was once written by bestselling author Bagchi Subroto. For this column, he had to talk to several high profile and interesting people who spoke to him about how they went of the conventional track and instead chose the path that was less taken. Most of these people were ..
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