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In Crime and Thriller novel category you will second hand crime and thriller novels in English and hindi with mint condition .

What Happy People Know: How the New Science of Happiness Can Change Your Life for the Better Paperback – January 19, 2004 by Dan Baker Ph.D. (Author), Cameron Stauth  (Author)
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To the outside world, Sarah and Oliver Watson had the perfect marriage. Happy and successful, with three beautiful children, they seemed to have it all. But under the surface, Sarah felt lost, empty and inadequate. And one Christmas, after eighteen years of marriage, she walked out.Left alone, Olive..
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When the Lion Feeds Wilbur Smith
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When the Lion Feeds Wilbur Smith..
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White House Connection (Sean Dillon Series) Paperback – International Edition, January 1, 2012 by Jack Higgins
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The Irish Peace Process is about to be blown sky-high and the fates of two governments hang in the balance, as the crack team of the THE PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER is reunited in this explosive thriller. New York: a woman waits in the shadows, a Colt .25 in her elegant hand. Her target: Senator Michael Co..
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WUTHERING HEIGHTS  (english, Paperback, Emily Bronte)
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Wuthering Heights is a romantic novel by Emily Bronte that presents a psychological study of the nature of love.Summary Of The BookEmily Bronte’s first and only published novel, Wuthering Heights, was published in 1847 under the pseudonym Ellis Bell. It got published after the success of Charlo..
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Young Turks: Book 1 of the Raisina Trilogy  (English, Paperback, Krishan Partap Singh)
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Young Turks is a part of the Raisina trilogy set in the political village of Lutyens’ New Delhi. It is the story of two childhood friends, Karan Nehru and Azim Khan, and their journey in the murky world of Indian politics.Summary Of The BookThe protagonists in Young Turks are two childhood..
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Zero Day  by  Baldacci David
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Zero Day is a thriller that tells us the story of John Puller, a military investigator from the US Army. The investigator is sent to a secluded area to investigate the brutal murder of an entire family. Will he be able to stand against the evil forces alone? Will he succeed in finding out the truth?..
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Zombiestan by Dhar Mainak
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Zombiestan is a novel written by the Indian author, Mainak Dhar.Summary of the BookFive unlikely people come together in the distressed New Delhi, the city that is shrouded in darkness faster than anticipated. It had all begun with undead Taliban and gradually spread through the world. There is..
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