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Be Friends With Words: Include frequently asked words in GMAT, CAT, GRE, GATE, PSU, etc Paperback

There are a lot of competitive exams nowadays like GRE, GMAT, etc and the major part in their preparation is vocabulary. There are multitudinous words which are to be crammed so to become able to face them in the exam. But cramming so many words is not only difficult, but impossible for a lot of students and because of which they are not able to perform well in these exams. I have gone through the same problem and as a solution devised a technique to learn the words in a fun way. Instead of learning a word as it is if we relate it with some real life thing or a story then it becomes easier to recapitulate its meaning whenever we come across that word. Else we can break the word and make a story out of it related to its meaning, in that way we can remember the word with the context of its meaning. When we relate a word with our surroundings then whenever that thing happens or comes in front of us the word automatically strikes us, and therefore we can easily use them in our daily life and hence they get added to our vocabulary without any extra efforts. It’s just like learning alphabets by relating them with the things around us, like A for apple, etc. you learned alphabets in your childhood and still remember them, similarly by this technique you will learn the words and will never forget them...

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Streetwise Sales Letters by Sue Reynard

Streetwise is devoted exclusively to business topics. From writing business plans, to financing, to building Web site traffic, these books provide everything ambitious business professionals need. Business happens in the real world, not the classroom. Streetwise recognises this and delivers the goods - fast. No fluff. No wasted time. Just cutting-edge information managers and small business entrepreneurs need to run their business successfully...

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