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The Quest Of The Overself by P Brunton Paul Brunton
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Model: sga527
The Quest of the Overself shows Western readers how to achieve serenity of mind, control of thought and desire, and the power to use higher forces by means of simple exercises. These include breathing and visualisation as well as mental control through meditation. These ideas, which the author ..
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The Serpent's Revenge - Unusual Tales from the Mahabharata by  Murty Sudha
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Model: sga761
How many names does Arjuna have? Why was Yama cursed? What lesson did a little mongoose teach Yudhisthira? The Kurukshetra war, fought between the Kauravas and the Pandavas and which forced even the gods to take sides, may be well known, but there are innumerable stories set before, after and during..
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The Spiritual Heritage of the Human Race by  Bushrui Suheil
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Model: sga92
From the spiritual traditions of the first peoples and the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Mesoamerica, to the beliefs and practices of today's world faiths, this illustrated and accessible introduction to the world's religions reveals the rich tapestry of religious life around the world ..
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The Story & Its Writer  by Ann Charters
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Model: sga1502
The Story & Its Writer  by Ann Charters..
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The Unknown Ajax by Heyer Georgette
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Model: SGBc116
The Unknown Ajax by Heyer Georgette..
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The Wise Woman: A Novel (Historical Novels) by Philippa Gregory
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Model: SGBc155
The Wise Woman: A Novel (Historical Novels) by Philippa Gregory  ..
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THOUSANDS SPLENDID SUNS 1st Edition by Khaled Hosseini
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Model: sga93
The eagerly anticipated second novel from the author of the international bestseller, The Kite RunnerPoor, uneducated Mariam is terrified and only fifteen years old when she is shipped off to Kabul to marry a troubled man thirty years her senior. Nearly two decades later, pretty fifteen-year-old Lai..
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Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
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Model: sga17051
This edition is a nice package of both stories, and I recommend reading them back-to-back as they compliment one another so well. In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, you will see life through the eyes of an energetic boy named Tom Sawyer. As you read, you will enjoy a summertime of adventure, pranks, p..
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Umrao Jan Ada by Mirza Muhammad Hadi Rusva
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Model: sg14009
Umrao Jan Ada, published more than a hundred years ago, was the first novel to be written in Urdu. It tells the story of a courtesan from Lucknow, a woman of great charm who was also a brilliant poet and singer. Documented by a close friend and dictated by Umrao Jan herself, the novel weaves the cou..
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Vanara by Neelakantan Anand
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Model: sga16705
Vanara by Neelakantan Anand..
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Whispers of Nature by Vijay
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Model: SGCa181
Whispers of Nature by Vijay..
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Worldview The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope
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Model: sga16655
Worldview The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope ..
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