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In management section you will get second hand management book which are useful in various courses like mba , and other management courses and exams. All Second hand MBA books available here.

Model: sg164
Business Environment by B.N Gosh for mba exams also for various competitive exams and Interviews..
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Model: sg703
Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases, 7e, has been a widely popular textbook on business ethics among students because of its accessible style and lucid explanations of complex theories and concepts. Into its seventh edition, it has been revised to reflect the changes in technologies, organizational ..
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Business Ethics and Corporate Governance by  Fernando
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Model: sga523
Marketing Channels is a comprehensive book for managers and management students. The book covers the types of practices available for the transfer of ownership of goods, discussing how goods are moved from production to consumption. The book is intended for a single semester, postgraduate or un..
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Business Forecasting 8th Edition by John E Hanke
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Model: SGBa88
Business Forecasting 8th Edition by John E Hanke ..
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Business Law by ICFAI University
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Model: SGCb49
Business Law by ICFAI University ..
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Business Law for Managers by  Agarwal Anurag K
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Model: sga1475
Even though most business managers have diverse academic qualifications-engineering being the most common, followed by chartered accountancy, economics, medicine, etc.-few come from a law background. However, it is crucial for a manager to understand the nitty-gritty of law. This hands-on guide to u..
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Model: SGCb38
As business organizations are increasingly exposed yo various challenges in the environment they are functioning,managers are expected to take dynamic deccisions within legal and ragulatory framework...
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Model: sg358
Business Legislation for Management is meant for students of business management, who need to be familiar with business laws and company law in their future role as managers. The book explains these laws in a simple and succinct manner, making the students sufficiently aware of the scope of these la..
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Business Marketing by Havaldar
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Model: sga492
The 4th edition of Business Marketing extensively updates all concepts and adds to it new concepts suchas Supply chain strategies, and Multi-attribute decision making. The text provides the reader with contentand examples to ensure that students are introduced to concepts which are utilized in today..
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Model: sg404
Business Marketing provides conceptual and contextual inputs for taking quality decisions for business marketing strategies. Comprehensively written, it provides knowledge of the vast diversity of products and markets of business marketing. The examples and cases provided in this book mirror the gro..
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Business Mathematics A textbook for B.Com (H) by Dr. J.K Thukral
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Model: SGBd21
Business Mathematics A textbook for B.Com (H) by Dr. J.K Thukral..
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Business Organisation and Management 1st Edition  (English, Paperback, H. Craig Petersen, W. Cris Lewis, Sudhir K. Jain)
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Model: sg13740
Managerial Economics offers a lively presentation of analytical and empirical tools for managerial decision-making. This edition increases the emphasis on managerial applications with more problems, case studies, and questions...
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Business Research Methods 11th Edition 11th Edition by Donald R Cooper
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Model: sg399
Business Research Methods 11th Edition, authored by Donald R. Cooper, Pamela S. Schindler and J. K. Sharma, is a book that comprises of four parts: Introduction to Business Research, The Design of Business Research, The Sources and Collection of Data, and Analysis and Presentation of ..
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Business Research Methods 1st Edition by Prahlad Mishra
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Model: sga1068
Business Research Methods is a comprehensive textbook designed to meet the requirements of post graduate management students. It explores the core concepts of research methods and its practice, especially in business management scenarios through numerous exhibits, solved exercises and cases.The book..
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BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS 7th Edition by  William G. Zikmund
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Model: sg13757
This best-selling text continues in its seventh edition to provide the most current and comprehensive coverage of business research. Its student-friendly design contains numerous examples illustrating real-world research in management, marketing, finance, accounting, and other business areas. Busine..
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business research methods william g zikmund
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Model: sgaa171
Business Research Methods william g Zikmund for mba exams also for various competitive exams and Interviews...
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