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Between the Assassinations by Aravind Adiga
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Model: sga1440
Between the Assassinations by Aravind Adiga..
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Bible Of The Dead by Tom Knox
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Model: SGBf189
Bible Of The Dead by Tom Knox..
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Bindis and Brides by Nisha Minhas
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Model: sga361
Having escaped an unhappy arranged marriage, Zarleena Shankar is picking up the pieces of her life. With her successful Indian bridal wear shop, Bindis & Brides, she's proving herself an astute businesswoman. Someone who can stand on her own feet, and survive without a man. So when she meets Joe..
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Model: SGCb19
Laure -- seventeen, beautiful and already abandoned twice in her young life. Once by the glamorous mother she can barely remember, a woman who brought shame on the St Lazare family name and fled to America; and then again by a handsome soldier who left her pregnant and alone, facing the wrath of her..
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Black Juice by Lanagan Margo
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Model: sga398
Black Juice is a book of breathtaking stories that defy boundaries. They are dazzling, ruthless, tender, fierce, unique - ten deeply moving stories from an exceptional author.About The authorMargo Lanagan is a highly acclaimed writer of novels, short stories and poetry. She lives in Sydney. Bla..
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Blind Prophet by Bart Davis
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Model: SGBc151
The worlds of espionage and high technology clash when a KGB-supported assassination of a senator, an attack on a Berkeley think tank, and the kidnapping of a computer scientist lead to a Soviet-American confrontation..
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Blood Hunt: A Jack Harvey Novel by Ian Rankin
-66 %
Model: sga1257
It begins with a phone call. Gordon Reeve's brother has been found dead in his car in San Diego - the car was locked from the inside, a gun in his hand. In the US to identify the body Gordon comes to realise that his brother has in fact been murdered. What's more, it is soon obvious that his own lif..
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Bloody Heroes Mass Market  by Damien Lewis
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Model: sga1483
It is the winter of 2001. A terror ship is bound for Britain carrying a horrifying weapon. The British military sends a crack unit of SAS and SBS to assault the vessel before she reaches London. So begins a true story of explosive action as this band of elite warriors pursues the merchants of death ..
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blue horizon and the dark of the sun omnibus by Wilbur Smith
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Model: sga1092
blue horizon and the dark of the sun omnibus by Wilbur Smith..
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Model: sga679
Bombay is a city of dreams and provides opportunities for small town youngsters. It is also a harsh city for those who do not have instincts to strive and survive. However, we need to find out if eighteen-year-old Adi will survive or fail like many people.Summary of the BookAdi is a small town boy w..
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Bone by Bone by  Kay Sanjida
-60 %
Model: sga1198
Laura loves her daughter more than anything in the world. But nine-year-old Autumn is being bullied. Laura feels helpless. When Autumn fails to return home from school one day, Laura goes looking for her. She finds a crowd of older children taunting her little girl. In the heat of the moment, Laura ..
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BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker
-57 %
Model: sga1204
A Texas serial killer called BoneMan is on the loose, choosing young girls as his prey, His signature: myriad broken bones that torture and kill - but never puncture. Military intelligence officer Ryan Evans is married to his work; so much so that his wife and daughter have written him out of t..
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Born In Ice : Number 2 in series by Nora Roberts
-66 %
Model: sga1265
Brianna Concannon has buried a broken heart under her fair, calm exterior for ten long years. Jilted just weeks before the wedding to her childhood love, Bri turned her attention to keeping house for her family in County Clare. She's cooled her passions for anything other than tending to the guests ..
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Breakable  by Tammara Webber
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Model: sga642
Breakable  by Tammara Webber ..
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Call The Midwife : A True Story Of The East End In The 1950s by Jennifer Worth
-72 %
Model: sga1239
Jennifer Worth came from a sheltered background when she became a midwife in the Docklands in the 1950s. The conditions in which many women gave birth just half a century ago were horrifying, not only because of their grimly impoverished surroundings, but also because of what they were expected to e..
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Candyland: A Novel In Two Parts by  Ed McBain, Evan Hunter
-60 %
Model: sga276
Simon & Schuster. Hardcover. GOOD. Spine creases, wear to binding and pages from reading. May contain limited notes, underlining or highlighting that does affect the text. Possible ex library copy, that’ll have the markings and stickers associated from the library. Accessories such as CD, code..
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