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Act of God by Sloan Susan R
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Model: SGBc164
Act of God by Sloan Susan R..
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Acting Up by Melissa Nathan
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Model: SGBe208
From the bestselling author of The Learning Curve.It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a large ego must be in want of a woman to cut him down to size...Sharp, witty Jasmin Field has her own column in a national magazine and has just landed the coveted role of Eli..
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Addition By Toni Jordan
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Addition By Toni Jordan..
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Adele by Leila Slimani
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Model: SGBe185
Adele appears to have the perfect life. She is a successful journalist in Paris who lives in a chic apartment with her surgeon husband and their young son. But beneath the veneer of having it all, she is bored - and consumed by an insatiable need for sex, whatever the cost. Struggling to contain the..
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After the War is Over by Lee Maureen
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Model: sga1006
A heart-warming tale set in Liverpool and London during the post-war years, from bestselling author Maureen Lee. Liverpool, 1945. Three women, firm friends, return home from the war and try to fit back into their old lives after they've been demobbed. They've been thrown together by the war, and hav..
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Model: SGCb14
Ellen has been living on her own in a picturesque, if damp cottage since her husband abandoned her for the pleasures of life in Provence. She marries once for love, but is now determind that the second time around it will be for money. Close at hand is Duncan, her not unattractive divorce lawyer who..
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Ajaya-Rise of Kali  by Anand Neelakantan
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Model: sga724
THE MAHABHARATA ENDURES AS THE GREAT EPIC OF INDIA. While Jaya is the story of the Pandavas, told from the perspective of the victors of Kurukshetra, Ajaya is the tale of the Kauravas, who were decimated to the last man. From the pen of the author who gave voice to Ravana in the national bestseller,..
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ALCHEMIST by  Paulo Coelho
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Model: sga176
A novel rich in metaphors and symbolism, The Alchemist is a story based on the adventures of a young shepherd boy, who, upon deciding to follow his prophetic dreams, sets on a treasure hunt. This journey introduces him to some remarkable people who leave an indelible and profound mark on him.Summary..
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Model: SGBe170
It is 1916 and Edith Mellor is one of the few female surgeons in Britian. Compelled to use her skills towards the war effort, she travels to the Somme, where she is confronted with the horrors at the front. Yet amongst the bloodshed on the battlefield, there is a ray of light in the form of working-..
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All That Is  A Novel by James Salter
-70 %
Model: SGBc161
All That Is  A Novel by James Salter..
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-73 %
Model: sga1229
A killer is stalking young lovers. Taking their lives ... and leaving just one tantalising clue ... When the bodies of young courting couples start turning up in remote woodlands areas, Dr Kay Scarpetta's task as Chief Medical Examiner is made more difficult by the effects of the elements. Eight tim..
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All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren
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Model: sga1489
Set in the 1930s, this Pulitzer Prize–winning novel traces the rise and fall of Willie Stark, who resembles the real-life Huey “Kingfish” Long of Louisiana. Stark begins his political career as an idealistic man of the people but soon becomes corrupted by success. Generally considered the finest nov..
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All Time Great Selected Short Stories by  Rajiv Tiwari
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Model: sga1201
All Time Great Selected Short Stories by  Rajiv Tiwari..
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ALMOST SINGLE by Kala  Advaita
-59 %
Model: sga526
My name is Aisha Bhatia, I am twenty-nine years old and single. I work as a Guest Relations Manager at the Grand Orchid Hotel. I dine at luxury hotels and stay in five-stars during my travels; I can name old and new world wines with great elan, and can tell my cheeses apart. I tolerate my job, hate ..
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Alpha Questions of Life by Nicky Gumbel
-60 %
Model: sga570
Millions of people all over the world have now attended an Alpha course, an opportunity to explore the meaning of life, and have now been profoundly challenged by its fresh and engaging introduction to the Christian faith. with honesty and common sense, some of the key questions that we will face wh..
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Model: SGBf135
In the Irish town of Carrickwell, with its lush, endlessly rolling hills and authentic country tranquility, three women's lives are anything but calm. There's Mel, a compulsively ambitious mother/publicity manager at a high-powered PR firm -- living proof that balancing motherhood and a full-time jo..
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