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India's Struggle for Independence by bipin Chandra
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Penguin Books India, 2016. 5th or later edition. Softcover. New. 14 x 21 cm. This is the first major study to examine each of the strands of the epic struggle individually and collectively and to present them in a new and coherent narrative. It succeeds in evolving a new and lucid history of the per..
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India's Tryst with the Atom Unfolding the Nuclear Story  by O. P. Sabherwal
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Critical history of India's nuclear program, emphasize on India and Pakistan relationships..
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India, GCC and the Global Energy Regime: Exploring Interdependence and Outlook for Collaboration by Samar Ranjan Pradhan
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India, GCC and the Global Energy Regime: Exploring Interdependence and Outlook for Collaboration by Samar Ranjan Pradhan..
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Indian Army: Vision 2020 Hardcover by Gurmeet Kanwal
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Model: sga17341
Indian Army: Vision 2020 examines the threats and their changing nature, identifies the key operational commitments, makes a comparative analysis of how other modern armies are coping and offers a considered guide map for a modern fighting force that is light, lethal and wired to meet the operationa..
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Information Warfare: How to Survive Cyber Attacks by Erbschloe Michael
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Model: sga17340
Describes strategies used to attack the information infastructure and provides information on short and long-term solutions...
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Inside 9-11 What Really Happened by  Der Spiegel Magazine
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Some of the finest writing and reporting on the events of September 11 was done by Der Spiegel, Germany's magazine of record. With its main office in Hamburg, base of operations for terrorist ringleader Mohamed Atta and many of the others, Der Spiegel's journalists were on the front lines ..
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Israels Wars A History Since 1947 by Ahron Bregman
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Model: sga17244
Israel's Wars is a fascinating and essential insight into the bloody conflicts and turbulent history of this troubled country. During the twentieth century, Israel has achieved notoriety, witnessing almost constant violence. This book is a masterly account of Israel's wars with the Palestinians and ..
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IT and the East - How China and India are Altering the Future of Technology and Innovation by  Iyengar Partha
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Model: sga1487
The center of gravity in the technology world has shifted east. Today, India and China are churning out some of the world's best-trained computer science and electrical engineering graduates. In both countries, consumer classes and domestic markets for technology have ballooned. Western high-tech fi..
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James Herriot's Yorkshire Revisited by  JAMES HERRIOT
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Model: sga1278
1999, Michael Joseph, London. Beautiful hardcover volume, 184 pages, combines a lovely, loving text by the famous veterinarian with full-color photos of his well-described, exhilarating Yorkshire landscape. Here is this wonderland in all its glorious seasons, at night, at the break of day, and throu..
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Jaya Illustrated Retelling Of The Mahabharata by  Devdutt Pattanaik
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The Mahabharata, India's greatest epic, is a huge, sweeping work and is the longest Sanskrit epic. It tells the story of the Kuru family, and the events that lead to the fratricidal Mahabharata War. It describes the events during the 18-day war and its aftermath.In the Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling..
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Jihad Rise Of Militant Islam In Central Asia by Ahmed Rashid
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Jihad Rise Of Militant Islam In Central Asia by Ahmed Rashid..
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Jihadi Jane by Khair Tabish
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Model: sga16704
High-school best friends Ameena and Jamilla couldn't be more different: while one smokes cigarettes in their school playground, the other is a member of her mosque's discussion group in suburban Yorkshire. When heartbreak and doubt leave Ameena bereft and alone, she turns to Jamilla's beloved Allah ..
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Kanyasulkam by Gurajada Venkata Appa Rao
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Kanyasulkam is a Telugu play written by Gurazada Apparao in 1892. It is one of the earliest modern works in an Indian vernacular language, and it is the first Telugu play to deal with social issues. Kanyasulkam is about the deplorable condition of widows in traditional Brahmin families in the Andhra..
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Karnas Wife The Outcasts Queen by Kavita Kane
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Karnas Wife The Outcasts Queen by Kavita Kane..
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Keeping the Faith: Memoirs of a Parliamentarian by Somnath Chatterjee
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Elected to the Lok Sabha for the first time in 1971, Somnath Chatterjee has served as a Member of Parliament in all successive Lok Sabhas till 2004, making him one of the longestserving members of the Lok Sabha in the history of independent India. He became its Speaker in 2004 and remained so till 2..
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Khallaas: An A to Z Guide to the Underworld, A Glimpse Into the World of Dons, Gangsters and Cops by J. Dey
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Model: sga17350
As a journalist on the crime beat, the author has spent long hours talking to those in uniform, those in the underworld and those in the grey zone people who work as police informers. Much of what he has seen, heard and observed in over a decade of covering crime has found its way into print. But th..
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