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A History Of God  by Karen Armstrong -60%

A History Of God by Karen Armstrong

A History Of God  by Karen Armstrong..

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Alentejo Blue by  Monica Ali -60% Out Of Stock

Alentejo Blue by Monica Ali

"Alentejo Blue" is the story of the Portuguese village of Mamarrosa told through the lives of those who live there and those who are passing through - children and old men, expatriates of all ages, tourists and locals. For some, such as Teresa, a beautiful, dreamy village girl, it is a place from which to escape; for others - the dysfunctional Potts family - it is a way of running from trouble (but not eluding it). Vasco, a cafe owner who has never recovered from the death of his American wife, clings to a notion that his years in America make him superior to the other villagers. One English tourist makes Mamarrosa the subject of her fantasy of a new life, while for her compatriots, a young engaged couple, Mamarrosa is where their dreams finally fall apart. At the book's opening an old man reflects on his long and troubled life in this beautiful and seemingly tranquil setting, and anticipates the return of Marco Afonso Rodrigues, the prodigal son of the village and a symbol of this now fast-changing world. This homecoming continues as a subject of much speculation, and when Marco Afonso Rodrigues does finally appear, villagers, tourists and expatriates are brought together and jealousies, passions and disappointments collide...

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Anthony Tollope by Dr. Thorne -72%

Anthony Tollope by Dr. Thorne

Wordsworth Classics covers a huge list of beloved works of literature in English and translations. This growing series is rigorously updated, with scholarly introductions and notes added to new titles...

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Arthur by  Stephen R. Lawhead -83%

Arthur by Stephen R. Lawhead

Arthur is the third book of The Pendragon Cycle: a magnificent epic set against the baackcloth of Roman Britain and the legends of Arthur and lost Atlantis. "It is the eve of Christ Mass, and the noblemen have come to Londinium to hold council - to essay who among them might become High King. Fifteen years have come and gone since the sword was first placed there. A young man stands grim-faced, gazing at the sword thrust deep into the stone...hesitant, uncertain. 'Take it, Arthur,' Merlin tells him..." So the story begins - a tale of high hope and bitter endeavour, of loyalty and treachery, of spiritual quest and the winning of a kingdom - a story whose end, as its beginning, is shrouded in mystery.....

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Baudolino  by Umberto Eco -60%

Baudolino by Umberto Eco

An extraordinary epic, brilliantly-imagined, new novel from a world-class writer and author of The Name of the Rose. Discover the Middle Ages with Baudolino - a wondrous, dazzling, beguiling tale of history, myth and invention. It is 1204, and Constantinople is being sacked and burned by the knights of the fourth Crusade. Amid the carnage and confusion Baudolino saves a Byzantine historian and high court official from certain death at the hands of the crusading warriors, and proceeds to tell his own fantastical story...

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Churchill's Secret War: The British Empire & the Ravaging of India During World War II by Madhusree Mukerjee -60%

Churchill's Secret War: The British Empire & the Ravaging of India During World War II by Madhusree Mukerjee

A dogged enemy of Hitler, resolute ally of the Americans, and inspiring leader through World War II, Winston Churchill is venerated as one of the truly great statesmen of the last century. But while he has been widely extolled for his achievements, parts of Churchill's record have gone woefully unexamined. journalist Madhusree Mukerjee reveals, at the same time that Churchill brilliantly opposed the barbarism of the Nazis, he governed India with a fierce resolve to crush its freedom movement and a profound contempt for native lives. A series of Churchill's decisions between 1940 and 1944 directly and inevitably led to the deaths of some three million Indians...

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Delhi  by Losty J. P. -60% Out Of Stock

Delhi by Losty J. P.

Delhi: Red Fort to Raisina' traces the journey of Shahjahan's new capital of the Mughal Empire, Shahjahanabad built on the banks of river Yamuna in 1638 to New Delhi the new capital of British-ruled India in 1911. From Red Fort to Jama Masjid and from Jahanara Bagh to Hayat Bakhsh Bagh, every palace, mosque, bazaar, and bagh in the Mughal city was planned to perfection. The new city too, designed in the early twentieth century, was a blend of Mughal architecture and modern aesthetics. This book celebrates the centenary with four essays on different aspects of Delhi's history by JP Losty, Salman Khurshid, Ratish Nanda, and Malvika Singh. A lively portrait of the city and its culture and people, the book documents the transition of the oldworld charm of Shahjahanabad to a modern city with a new seat of power built on the Raisina Hill. Pramod Kapoor is a collector of historical records and photographs, and a publisher by profession. The photographs for this book were lovingly collected by him over a long period of time from all over the world. Often, the best photographs were found in old trunks lying forgotten in dusty attics or damp basements of the palaces.The biggest challenge, however, was to coax fading memories to remember names and places. A keen photographer, he has also compiled and researched photographs for pioneering books like 'India: Then and Now', 'Witness to Life and Freedom: Margaret-Bourke White in India', 'New Delhi: Making of a Capital', and the most recent ..

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Delhi 360 By  P. Losty -60%

Delhi 360 By P. Losty

Made in 1846, the painting commonly known as 'The Delhi Panorama' by the famous topographical artist Mazhar Ali Khan is the finest artistic rendering of Shahjahanabad ever made. It also affords a unique glimpse into the heart of the imperial palace in the Red Fort before much of it was destroyed after the 1857 Uprising. The 360 view of Delhi along with its extraordinary detailing of the cityscape makes the panorama not just an important historical document but also the masterpiece of its artist. The 5-metre long panorama, which has been in the collection of the British Library since 1981, along with all the Persian and Urdu inscriptions has never before been published complete. Its publication here is accompanied by essays that put the panorama in its historical and artistic context with a commentary on the inscriptions that brings it to life. 'Delhi 360 ' will appeal to scholars of Indian history especially Mughal history; anyone with a deep interest in the art, architecture, and history of Mughal India; and all Dilliwallas...

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Doctors by Segal Erich -60%

Doctors by Segal Erich

Doctors is a book in literary fiction by Erich Segal. It depicts the lives of two people right from childhood. It portrays their lives as doctors in the midst of troubles and how they face them.Summary Of The BookThis book, Doctors, is written to make the readers witness an excerpt from the lives of the Harvard Medical School's class of 1962.The story encompasses the life and career of two persons named Barney Livingston and Laura Castellano. It starts with their lives as kids and slowly starts portraying the way in which they converted their childhood ambitions of becoming doctors into reality. After that, the story moves on to their lives as interns. It depicts the numerous hurdles and problems they encounter in their journey to be successful doctors. As a result, their various character traits and qualities come into light. They all are portrayed to be emotionally tormented periodically and facing dilemma at times. Afterwards, the story takes an interesting turn and the suspense is created to culminate in the conclusion of the happenings in their lives.It includes all the procedures involved in being an intern in a medical school and the troubles that accompany them. All human emotions and instincts are beautifully portrayed. It glorifies the friendship between the two persons, making it reach new heights. All the drama, romance, and suspense expected from a gripping story can be witnessed in this classic by Erich Segal.The simple way of writing followed in the story ..

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How To Know God  by Deepak Chopra -60%

How To Know God by Deepak Chopra

How To Know God: The Soul's Journey Into The Mystery Of Mysteries is Deepak Chopra’s attempt to help people engage in God, which according him is a process and not an entity.Summary Of The BookDeepak Chopra, the celebrated author, presents a groundbreaking exploration of the ways human beings experience God in his magnum opus How To Know God: The Soul's Journey Into The Mystery Of Mysteries. This book helps the reader embark on the path to enlightenment. Chopra believes that God is the highest instinct that one needs to be aware of to know one’s true self.The book lists down the seven ways in which human beings can experience God. It is a scientific approach to spirituality and proposes that the human mind is hardwired to know God. He explains the seven natural reactions of the human nervous system that correspond to levels of divine experience. He elucidates how these are not shaped by any one religion or faith, but by the brain's requirement to get into terms with the infinite and chaotic universe and explore its meaning.Deepak Chopra takes the reader through a step-by-step procedure to achieve this, from the first stage to the seventh stage. When the human brain gives a 'fight or flight' response to God, it is the initial stage of experiencing God. At this stage, the mind experiences God as a powerful parent. It is the last stage in which the brain can experience God as a sacred presence and a pure being. At this level, one attains a true and life-altering spiritual u..

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Jaal: Kaal Trilogy 1 Paperback – 2012 by SANGEETA BAHADUR -60%

Jaal: Kaal Trilogy 1 Paperback – 2012 by SANGEETA BAHADUR

Jaal: Kaal Trilogy 1 Paperback – 2012 by SANGEETA BAHADUR ..

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Karl Marx by Francis Wheen -80%

Karl Marx by Francis Wheen

The history of the 20th century is Marx's legacy. Not since Jesus Christ has an obscure pauper inspired such global devotion - or been so calamitously misinterpreted. The end of the century is a good moment to strip away the mythology and try to rediscover Marx the man. There have been many thousands of books on Marxism, but almost all are written by academics and zealots for whom it is a near blaspemy to treat him as a figure of flesh and blood.In the past few years there have been excellent and successful biographies of many eminent Victorians and yet the most influential of them has remained untouched. In this book Francis Wheen, for the first time, presens Marx the man in all his brilliance and frailty - as a poverty-stricken Prussian emigre who became a middle-class English gentleman; as an angry agitator who spent much of his adult life in scholarly silence in the British Museum Reading Room; as a gregarious and convivial host who fell out with almost all his friends; as a devoted family man who impregnated his housemaid; as a deeply earnest philosopher who loved drink, cigars and jokes...

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Memories Come Alive by Dey, Manna Sarbani Putatunda -56%

Memories Come Alive by Dey, Manna Sarbani Putatunda

For over sixty years now, Manna Dey has been synonymous with music and melody. Excelling across a variety of genres—film songs, ghazals, bhajans, classical and pop—he has regaled generations of listeners with his romantic ballads, zany rock ’n’ roll numbers, playful qawwalis and intricate raga-based songs.In Memories Come Alive: An Autobiography, Manna Dey takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane—his early passion for wrestling and football; adolescent pranks which involved shoplifting sweets from a confectionery and pole-vaulting into the neighbour’s terrace to swipe pickle jars; and the influence of his uncle and guru K.C. Dey (the celebrated singer and composer of the 1930s). He recounts his early days in Mumbai as an assistant music director to his uncle and to composers like S.D. Burman and vividly recalls the struggle to carve a niche as a playback singer in Hindi films, competing with stalwarts like Rafi, Mukesh and Kishore Kumar. He also discusses at length his foray into the world of Bengali film and non-film music where he came to be regarded as the undisputed king of melody.Peppered with interesting anecdotes like his kite duels with Rafi, priceless nuggets on how some of his famous songs came to be written and composed, stories of his enduring relationships with people like Raj Kapoor and Majrooh Sultanpuri, Pulak Bandopadhyay and Sudhin Dasgupta, and boasting of the most comprehensive list of his songs ever compiled, Memories Come Alive is a must-read not only for..

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Moonstone The Penguin English Library By  Wilkie Collins -60%

Moonstone The Penguin English Library By Wilkie Collins

The Moonstone, a yellow diamond looted from an Indian temple and believed to bring bad luck to its owner, is bequeathed to Rachel Verinder on her eighteenth birthday. That very night the priceless stone is stolen again and when Sergeant Cuff is brought in to investigate the crime, he soon realizes that no one in Rachel's household is above suspicion. Hailed by T. S. Eliot as "the first, the longest, and the best of modern English detective novels", "The Moonstone" is a marvellously taut and intricate tale of mystery, in which facts and memory can prove treacherous and not everyone is as they first appear...

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One Hundred Years of Solitude by Garcia Marquez Gabriel -60%

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Garcia Marquez Gabriel

One Hundred Years Of Solitude, a literary masterpiece by the Nobel Laureate, is a metaphoric mirror to Colombian history. The contemplative novel drapes the tale of the rise and fall of Macondo and magically captures the life and times of the Buendia family over seven generations.Summary Of The BookSet in a fictional town called Macondo in Northern Colombia, One Hundred Years Of Solitude begins with Jose Arcadio Buendia leaving his hometown with his wife Ursula, in search of a better life. One night during their journey, they happen to camp at a riverside where Jose dreams about a spectacular city and decides to establish one on the same riverbank. Thus, he builds Macondo and slowly shapes it into how he wants a city to be.Macondo then begins to miraculously attract unusual people and extraordinary events that make for a gripping plot. The adventurous Buendias find themselves in the middle of some of the most historically potent circumstances in Colombia. As the lineage stands in the face of the glory and downfall of a civilization, Marquez's lyrical magic manifests the delicate nuances of love and war, youth and senility, and passion and lust. And finally, what had started as an innocent dream of Jose, Ursula and 19 other families gradually break down and fall prey to lawless anarchy.One Hundred Years Of Solitude also chronicles the political and economic developments of the 19th century Colombia, such as corruption and capitalism with a touch of fiction. In a..

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Selected Columns by Taslima Nasreen ,Debjani Sengupta -60%

Selected Columns by Taslima Nasreen ,Debjani Sengupta

This book was originally published in 1992 as "Nirbachita Kalam. Through her unsentimental and unadorned style, Taslima Narseen shows vividly how women have always been treated as objects in a patriarchal society, how religious diktats continuously strive to chain her further and how every social and familial relationship is marred by male lust for power and domination. Narseen takes us on a tour of Bangladesh's history to pinpoint the high points of women's exploitation...

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Sita by Dr. Pattanaik Devdutt -60%

Sita by Dr. Pattanaik Devdutt

Sita: An Illustrated Retelling Of The Ramayana is the Ramayana retold with the focus of the story being on Sita, Rama’s devoted and loyal wife.Flipkart Official ReviewRetellings of epic myths are almost the in thing. Everyone is writing about them. Everyone has their version to the Mahabharata or the Ramayana. This time round though, the renowned mythologist, Devdutt Pattanaik is back with his story of Sita and the Ramayana.We have all grown up with a certain idea of the Ramayana and how it should be. Devdutt just makes us look closely to the humane side of it. Rama is still a man who longs for his wife and Sita is still a woman who waits for her husband. The crux of the story is that and yet it is about faith, dharma and being righteous. The illustrations with the writing make the book more intriguing and add a lot of mythical value.Devdutt takes the reader to a different journey across The Ramayana, which the reader will never forget. A must read this year.Exclusive article by Devdutt Pattanaik for Flipkart CustomersEven though Sita plays a pivotal role in the Ramayana, when you actually seek her out you realize she is but a prop, appearing and disappearing, with her marriage, her abduction, her rescue and finally her banishment. Who is she really? There are tantalizing clues in classical as well as subaltern literature and in folk traditions, but nothing else.And then, of course, there is the attempt of modern writers to portray her as a helpless, hapless victim, shaped bo..

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The Age Of Revolution: 1789-1848 by Eric Hobsbawm -60%

The Age Of Revolution: 1789-1848 by Eric Hobsbawm

The Age of Revolution is the first part in the seminal work on modern history, The Four Ages of Hobsbawm by Eric Hobsbawm.Summary of the BooksThis book begins Eric Hobsbawm’s Four Ages. In this first book, he covers the time period between 1789 and 1848, giving readers a look into the age which moulded the future through revolutionary movements. He explains his twin revolution thesis, and explains how the situation in the early 19th century is linked to the events of the 1780s and the 1800s. He explains that the world as we know it was shaped by events such as the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution. He then looks into the results of these events in spheres of life such as land, industrialization, poverty, religion, secularism, science and the arts. The book is an essential read for all students of history.About Eric HobsbawmEric John Ernest Hobsbawm was a British Marxist historian known for his works on the rise of industrial capitalism, socialism, and nationalism. Dr. Hobsbawm studied at the University of Cambridge, obtaining his PhD. in history. He was awarded the Balzan Prize for his works on history. He has also written The Invention of Tradition, How to Change the World: Tales of Marx and Marxism, and Fractured Times: Culture and Society in the 20th Century...

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Benjamin Franklin was an exceptional man who excelled in all fields he ever set foot in: politics, science, and philosophy. A writer, reformer, editor, scientist, and a witty, sarcastic American citizen, Benjamin Franklin is considered one of the greatest Americans of all times. Franklin has a lot of things to say in his autobiography. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin was initially written to guide his son, but due to his unique and animated style of writing, it is now among the most widely read classic in world literature. His words etched in these pages are an inspiration to humans everywhere, making the autobiography his best work...

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The Big Sleep and Other Novels by Raymond Chandler -60%

The Big Sleep and Other Novels by Raymond Chandler

The Big Sleep and Other Novels is a collection of three novels that follows Raymond Chandler’s famous detective Philip Marlowe. The three novels that will get your undivided attention are: The Big Sleep, Farewell, My Lovely, and The Long Goodbye.Summary of the BookThe Big SleepOne of the daughters of a dying millionaire is being blackmailed by a mysterious person and Philip Marlowe has been hired to find out who this person is. As he goes out in search of this person, Marlowe finds that he is now involved in a very severe case that isn’t just about extortion, but also includes kidnapping, pornography, seduction and murder.Farewell, My LovelyPhilip Marlowe finds himself in a complex and dangerous case that includes a ring of jewel thieves, another murder, a fortune-teller and more murders. It is more than the average case even for a really good detective and Marlowe has made up his mind to give up on it. Will he leave the case for somebody else to solve?The Long GoodbyeMarlowe has become friends with an unlucky war veteran. It is only later that he realizes that Terry Lennox has a wealthy nymphomaniac wife. He had divorced and then re-married her, but now, she is dead. Before he knows it, Marlowe if being chased by cops and a gangster.About Raymond ChandlerRaymond Chandler was an American novelist and screenwriter. He was forty-four when he lost his job and decided to become a detective fiction writer. Some of his novels are considered to be important literary works...

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The Brethren by John Grisham -60%

The Brethren by John Grisham

Will be shipped from US. Used books may not include companion materials, may have some shelf wear, may contain highlighting/notes, may not include CDs or access codes. 100% money back guarantee...

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The Case of the Man who Died Laughing Paperback – 2010 by Tarquin Hall  (Author) -60%

The Case of the Man who Died Laughing Paperback – 2010 by Tarquin Hall (Author)

The Case of the Man who Died Laughing Paperback – 2010 by Tarquin Hall  (Author)..

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The Forest of Stories (Book 1)  Mahabharat Series by Ashok K. Banker -59%

The Forest of Stories (Book 1) Mahabharat Series by Ashok K. Banker

The Forest of Stories, Book One in Ashok Banker s long- awaited MBA Series, takes us deep into the haunted jungle of Naimisha-van. Here, at the ashram of Kulapati Shaunaka, a dusty traveller arrives with sad tidings: Maharishi Krishna Dweipayana Vyasa has passed on. Yet the great collator of the Vedas has left behind a fabulous legacy, the epic narrative poem called Maha Bharata. At the urging of the ashramites, the traveller Suta begins to recite the great composition, starting with the incredible creation myths and tales of gods and giants, snake- mothers and gargantuan eagles. And as the night wears on and the tale grows darker, he senses the presence of countless ghostly beings in the shadows beyond the flickering oil-lamps, the restless souls of the many millions butchered in the climactic war that ended the great tale itself, gathering now to hear the epic saga that led eventually to their destruction and the decimation of the Kuru Bharata race. Based on the original Sanskrit shlokas with vivid action-packed narration and descriptions, this sampoorn Mahabharata retelling brings to life all the magic and majesty, wonders and violence of the world s greatest epic....

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The Goldfinch  Donna Tartt  by Donna Tartt  (Author) -60%

The Goldfinch Donna Tartt by Donna Tartt (Author)

The Goldfinch is a Fictional Novel, Author Donna Tartt’s exudes an eye-awakening and shocking narrative energy. She cleverly showcases her characters, they come alive and you will be caught up in this novel’s breathtaking suspense. This Novel embodies a philosophical essence of deep mysteries of love, identity, and art. It’s a book you “must share” with your friends and family...

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The Hermitage by Piotrovsky, Boris -60%

The Hermitage by Piotrovsky, Boris

The Hermitage by Piotrovsky, Boris..

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The Poetry Book: Poems for Children by Fiona Waters -60%

The Poetry Book: Poems for Children by Fiona Waters

Fiona Waters is well-known and admired in the children’s book world for her vast knowledge of poetry and of children’s reading tastes. An ex-children’s bookseller, she has for many years been responsible for choosing books to sell direct to children in schools. School Librarian called her ‘one of the best anthologists there are’ and her many collections have had long-running sales. Ailie Busby was trained in graphic design and illustration at Northampton and Cambrdge and started work as a freelance illustrator in London in 1995. In 1997 she moved to Newcastle and got married. She loves riding on the moors, painting, printmaking and collecting objects of interest in flea markets. This is her first major book...

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The Quest Of The Overself by P Brunton Paul Brunton -78%

The Quest Of The Overself by P Brunton Paul Brunton

The Quest of the Overself shows Western readers how to achieve serenity of mind, control of thought and desire, and the power to use higher forces by means of simple exercises. These include breathing and visualisation as well as mental control through meditation. These ideas, which the author gained by extensive travel in India, are as relevant to us today as they were when first published in 1937. Paul Brunton was a British philosopher, mystic and traveler. He left a successful journalistic career to live among yogis and holy men and studied a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric spiritual traditions. As he explains in the still fresh and fascinating The Quest of the Overself, meditation and the quest for inner peace are by no means exclusively for monks and hermits but also support those living everyday, active lives in the West...

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The Spiritual Heritage of the Human Race by  Bushrui Suheil -60%

The Spiritual Heritage of the Human Race by Bushrui Suheil

From the spiritual traditions of the first peoples and the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Mesoamerica, to the beliefs and practices of today's world faiths, this illustrated and accessible introduction to the world's religions reveals the rich tapestry of religious life around the world and down the ages, humanity's spiritual heritage...

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THOUSANDS SPLENDID SUNS 1st Edition by Khaled Hosseini -60%

THOUSANDS SPLENDID SUNS 1st Edition by Khaled Hosseini

The eagerly anticipated second novel from the author of the international bestseller, The Kite RunnerPoor, uneducated Mariam is terrified and only fifteen years old when she is shipped off to Kabul to marry a troubled man thirty years her senior. Nearly two decades later, pretty fifteen-year-old Laila finds herself in the same situation when her intellectual parents are killed by a stray Mujahideen bomb. Forced to forget the passionate love of her life, a boy she’s known since childhood, Laila has no choice but to join that same loveless household with shy Mariam and the bitter husband they now share. In time, however, orphaned Laila and childless Mariam form a friendship that makes them both sisters and mother and daughter to one another. When children are born into this household, the situation gets worse and worse—from shootings and bombings on the street, to physical abuse and starvation at home—and the women are put to phenomenal tests of endurance and strength. In scene after suspenseful scene, Hosseini shows us just how a woman’s love for her family can motivate her to overcome the most daunting obstacles, can move her to shocking and heroic acts of self-sacrifice. In the end, we see, it is love — or even love’s memory—that is often the key to survival.A Thousand Splendid Suns is the heartbreaking story of an unforgiving history, an unlikely friendship, and an indestructible love; it is a novel that lives on in the mind long after the last page. Praise for A Thous..

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Umrao Jan Ada by Mirza Muhammad Hadi Rusva -59%

Umrao Jan Ada by Mirza Muhammad Hadi Rusva

Umrao Jan Ada, published more than a hundred years ago, was the first novel to be written in Urdu. It tells the story of a courtesan from Lucknow, a woman of great charm who was also a brilliant poet and singer. Documented by a close friend and dictated by Umrao Jan herself, the novel weaves the courtesan's story with interspersions of poetry, exploration of social dynamics and the author's radical subtext with regard to patriarchal double standards. Umrao Jan Ada is perhaps one of the most enigmatic figures in South Asian literature. The exploration of her story is an attempt to capture the essence of what it meant to be a courtesan in nineteenth-century India...

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