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In Romance books section you will get all second hand good condition books in very good condition .

Jet Set Wives by Penny Jordan
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Model: sga16731
Jet Set Wives by Penny Jordan..
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Just Friends by Sumrit Shahi
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Model: SG624
Just Friends is the story of two teenagers named Aaryan and Tanie, and their unconditional tie. It is a story of a boy and a girl who know each other’s deepest secrets and ultimate highs. The story revolves around relationship between a boy and a girl, and their bond that makes them more like a habi..
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Kulfi And Cappuccino (Hindi) (Paperback) By Ashish Chaudhary
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Model: sg945
About the Book"Kulfi and Cappuccino" is a trendsetter in the arena of new wave Hindi writing. It's an earnest attempt to celebrate youth, their life, aspirations, confusions and their love stories..The novel is set in Jaipur. The plot of the story revolves around two central characters- Anurag and N..
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Lessons After Dark by Isabel Cooper
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Model: SGCb28
Smartly mixes history, action, romance, and magic."―Publishers Weekly on No Proper Lady, a Best Book of the YearA woman with an unspeakable pastOlivia Brightmore didn't know what to expect when she took a position to teach at Englefiend School, an academy for "gifted" children. But it wasn..
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Life and Love by Niranjan Mohanty
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Model: sga1415
Life and Love by Niranjan Mohanty..
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Life is What you Make It  byPreeti Shenoy
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Model: sga506
Life Is What You Make It is a fictional story about a strong female character whose life takes unexpected turns and how she uses her indomitable spirit to make the most of it.Summary Of The BookLife Is What You Make It is a story about a young female protagonist whose life gets shaken by her de..
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LIKE A LOVE SONG by Nikita Singh
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Model: sga512
Love is a many - flavoured thing: it can go from vanilla to rainbow sprinkles in the blink of an eye.Four years ago, Maahi�s heart was broken into so many pieces that it looked like she might never put it back together again. Yet time has healed her wounds, and she has found her true calling - and e..
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Like It Happened Yesterday by Singh Ravinder
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Model: sg14011
Ravinder Singh's Like It Happened Yesterday is a contemporary novel about childhood, life and simplicity. The stories in its pages take a reader back to their childhood, reminiscing the good times in life.Summary of the BookLike It Happened Yesterday rewinds us back to our childhood, bringing back t..
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Like The Flowing River Paulo Coelho
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Model: SGCa41
Like the Flowing River is intimate collection of Poulo Coelho's Reflections and short stories. These are powerful tales of living and dying, of destiny and choice, of love lost and found. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always profound, this book, like all of Coelho's work, explores what ..
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Liz Jones\'s Diary: How One Single Girl Got Married  (English, Paperback, Liz Jones)
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Model: sg13422
He is laidback, she makes Howard Hughes look like a slob. He is in his thirties, she isn\'t. Can it ever work out? This book presents a hilarious account of one relationship, from being stood up by the love her life on Millenium Eve, to when she first meets a much younger man, through falling in lov..
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Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas  by  Madhuri Banerjee
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Model: sga123
Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas is a debut novel by Madhuri Banerjee, a media professional and national award winner. The protagonist of the book is a single woman, who on reaching the age of thirty is on a mission to figure out her love life that has eluded her all this while. How she disc..
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Love Happens Like That by Mallik Ritwik
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Model: SGBa232
Love Happens Like That book is about a teenage love story.Summary Of The BookThe adolescent years are a transitional period. No longer just children, teenagers are not yet adults either. It is a period of self-discovery and exploration, a period when youngsters are slowly maturing into adults, gaini..
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Model: sg604
Love Happens Like That is a book that speaks about adolescent love and the surge of emotions that come when one is passing through that age. The adolescent years in an individual's life are a time when numerous transformations and transitions take place. Adolescents aren't kids anymore but neither a..
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Love In A Torn Land by Jean Sasson
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Model: SGBc45
One morning Joanna, a young bride living in the Kurdish mountains of Iraq, was surprised to see dead birds drop silently out of the clear sky. They were followed by sinister canisters falling to the ground, bringing fear and death.It was 1987, and Saddam Hussein had ordered his cousin 'Chemical Ali'..
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Love, Life & A Beer Can by Prashant Sharma
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Model: sg596
Love, Life & A Beer Can should all be served chilled is a debut book by Prashant Sharma about a boy, Raj Malhotra who shares a common name from Yash Raj films. As is the name, he is also a complete movie buff, which in turn also arouses the actor in him, leading him to the mecca of Indian film i..
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