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Bharvi  (Hindi, Paperback, Shivani)
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Bharvi  (Hindi, Paperback, Shivani)..
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I am half-man, half-superhuman. I am the mightiest warrior of my time. I have violated my dharma and murdered a man in cold blood. I have, single-handed, wiped out a whole generation of my kinsmen. I have committed acts of unspeakable brutality on the battlefield. I have done it all for the love of ..
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Bhookh Aag Hai , 1/e HB Rajpal & Sons Edition  (Hindi, Krishan Baldev Vaid)
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Bhookh Aag Hai , 1/e HB Rajpal & Sons Edition  (Hindi, Krishan Baldev Vaid)..
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Big Sur Graham Elizabeth
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Model: sg1376
A copy that has been read, but remains in excellent condition. Pages are intact and are not marred by notes or highlighting, but may contain a neat previous owner name. The spine remains undamaged. At ThriftBooks, our motto is..
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Bikhare tinke  (Hindi, Hardcover, Amritlal Nagar)
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Bikhare tinke  (Hindi, Hardcover, Amritlal Nagar)..
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Birds of India  by Jagjit Singh
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Model: sg13871
Birds of India  by Jagjit Singh ..
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Bitter Medicine (A V. I. Warshawski novel) Sara Paretsky
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Model: sg1017
Bitter Medicine (A V. I. Warshawski novel)Sara Paretsky..
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Black Friday : The True Story Of Bombay Bomb Blasts Hussain S Zaidi
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Model: sg13493
The first compelling account of the biggest terrorist attack on an Indian city.On the afternoon of 12 March 1993, a series of explosions cut a swathe through Bombay, spreading terror and destruction over a period of two hours. Starting from the landmark Bombay Stock Exchange in the south of the city..
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BLACK ICE  (English, Paperback, Haque, Mahmudul)
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Model: sg1467
Abdul Khaleq teaches at a rural college nearing collapse in newly independent Bangladesh. When a writer friend asks him to chronicle his childhood, Abdul retreats to an enchanting world in the suburbs of Calcutta. He remembers the girl who spoke to fish and birds, the girl he first loved. He also re..
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Blood Song : She is Armed and She is Dangerous  (English, Paperback, Juggi Bhasin)
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Model: sg13415
Simran Kaur Banga-a quiet, reserved girl living with her conservative Sikh family in Southall, London-Is a poet at heart. But a brutal rape and rejection by her own family lands her in Amritsar where amidst strangers begins her nightmare of loneliness. Then one day she finds a friend-or so it seems ..
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Blood Sugar & Spice : Living with Diabetes by Charmaine D'Souza
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Model: sg558
Did you know that diabetes can be controlled if we use the correct natural cure? In this book, Charmaine D’Souza tells us what she has learned about diabetes from over 24 years of practice and how it will help us. Summary of the BookThe author, Charmaine D’Souza, has practiced dealing with diab..
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Bloodline  (English, Paperback, James Rollins)
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Model: sg13600
Bloodline  (English, Paperback, James Rollins)..
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Model: sg581
Unleash one of your company's greatest competitive weapons."Ram Charan is a wise counselor and keen observer on the front lines of the American board revolution. Boards At Work is a rare blAnd of candid stories of casualties, of victories, and of sound ideas for change illustrated with rea..
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Body Language Julius Fast
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Model: sg1012
Body LanguageJulius Fast..
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Model: sg1376
The art of Body Reading will enable you to know your personality as well as of others from the shape, form and build of the various parts of the body.Through it you will discover the potentials of your personality as projected by your personality as projected by your body and win happiness and succe..
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