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Electronics & Communication

Electronics & Communication Engineering section here you will get second hand books related to Electronic engineering.

DISCTRET TIME SIGNAL PROCESSING by Alan V. Oppenheim, John R. Buck, Ronald W. Schafer
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Discrete-Time Signal Processing  provides a comprehensive approach to discrete-time signal processing, and it is considered as an ideal reference book on the subject.Summary Of The BookDiscrete-Time Signal Processing delves into the history of discrete-time signal processing as well as the..
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Economic for Engineers by TR jain
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Economic for Engineers by TR jain ..
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Electric Machines by D.P Kothari
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Electric Machines by D.P Kothari for Electronics and Electrical Engineering exams also useful for various competitive exams ..
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Electric Power Distribution  (English, Hardcover, Pabla A A S Pabla Pabla)
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The distribution of electric power is being roiled by new technologies, poor maintenance, and privatisation. This is a reference book for power distribution, from planning fundamentals to preventing catastrophic failure (blackouts) to nuts-and-bolts maintenance. It is intended for working engineers,..
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Electrical Machinery by Dr. Bimbhra
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Electrical Machinery by Dr. Bimbhra..
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Electrical Power Systems by Wadhwa C. L
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Electrical Power Systems, written by C. L. Wadhwa, covers the subject of Electrical Power Systems in an exhaustive  manner with basic and advanced topics. Solved examples are used to present the subject in a clear manner. The book covers the fundamentals of power system, performance of lines, h..
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Electrical Science by JB Gupta
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Electrical Science by JB Gupta..
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Electromagnetic Fields & Waves by R. Gowri
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Table Of Contents: -Electromagnetic Theory (Vector Analysis) -Electrostatic Fields -Magnetostatic Fields -Time Varying Fields : Maxwells Equations And Boundary Conditions -Electromagnetic Waves -Transmission Lines -Guided Waves -Waveguides -Resonators -Electromagnetic Radiations -Electromagnetic Int..
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Electromechanical Energy Conversion by JB Gupta
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Electromechanical Energy Conversion by JB Gupta is useful for engineering also for various competitive exams and Interviews...
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Electronic Communications System : Fundamentals Through Advanced 5th Edition  (English, Paperback, Tomasi)
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Comprehensive in scope and contemporary in coverage, this text introduces basic electronic and data communications fundamentals, and explores their application in modern digital and data communications systems. Students with previous knowledge in basic electronic principles and fundamental calculus ..
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Electronic Devices And Circuits by J.B Gupta
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Model: sg570
Book DescriptionAbout the Books : Electronic Devices and Circuits 1st Edition is authored by J. B. Gupta. The book is essential for students who are in their 4th semester of Electronics and Communication Engineering:. It gives the students a better understanding of what they need to know when prepar..
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Electronic Devices And Circuits by S Salivahanans
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This book is meant for the undergraduate students of Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation and Computer Science Engineering for the courses on Basic Electronics/Electronic Devices and Circuits. It gives detailed description of the operation and characteristics of modern active and passive electro..
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Model: sg571
This text presents a comprehensive treatment of the operation, performance, applications, and limitations of both the digital and analog instruments normally encountered in an electronics laboratory. It also discusses in detail the techniques and methods used for measuring resistance, inductance, ca..
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Elements of Analog Electronics by JB Gupta
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Elements of Analog Electronics by JB Gupta..
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Elements of Computer Networks 2nd Edition  (English, Paperback, Sanjay Sharma)
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Table of ContentsOSI Reference Model and Network ArchitectureIntroduction to Physical LayerData TransmissionThe TCP/IP Reference ModelLocal Area NetworksWide Area Networks (WANs)Introduction to Network ManagementAppendicesModel Question PapersPrevious Years Question PapersBibliography..
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Elements of Electromagnetic Fields,4/E by Seth S P
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S. P. Seth’s Elements of Electromagnetic Fields, published by Dhanpat Rai Publications, is a comprehensive introductory textbook to the subject. It comprises of the fundamental concepts in Electromagnetics, Electrostatics, Plane Electromagnetic Waves, Maxwell’s Equation, and Transmission L..
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