Class X

Class X

In Class 10th section you will get all second hand and new books which are in very good condition.

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Arthik Vikas ki Samajh Class X (Hindi, Paperback, Ncert)

Arthik Vikas ki Samajh Class X  (Hindi, Paperback, Ncert) is useful for ncer class 10 th exam also for various competitive exams and Interviews like upsc and  other    ..

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Bharat Aur Samkalin Vishwa 2 Textbook of Itihas for Class - 10

Bharat Aur Samkalin Vishwa 2 Textbook of Itihas for Class - 10 for class 10th cbse exam also for various competitive exams and interviews and upsc exams     ..

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CCE Manual MAthematics Class 10

CCE MAnual Mathematics class 10 by Dr. Sanjeev Verma ...

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Chemistry Lakhmir Singh for Class 10 Out Of Stock

Chemistry Lakhmir Singh for Class 10

Chemistry refresher for class 10 by lakhmir singh published by S.Chand publication..

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Democratic Politics -2 for Class 10 Out Of Stock

Democratic Politics -2 for Class 10

Democratic Politics class 10 NCERT book for govt. and private schools also useful in civil services exams ..

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Economic NCERT Class 10 Out Of Stock

Economic NCERT Class 10

Understanding economic development class 10 NCERT..

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English Grammer Wren & Martin

English Grammer book Wren & Martin Published by S.Chand Publication useful for Class 10 and also for various competitive exams ..

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Exam Idea Term-2 Hindi Course -B

Exam Idea Term-2 Hindi for Course-B used in 9 Class...

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Information Technology for Class 10

Information Technology for Class 10 ..

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Key to Wren & Martin

Key to wren and martin of english grammer book for Class 10..

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Loktantrik Rajniti 2 Textbook of Samajik Vigyan for Class - 10 - 1073 (Hindi) Paperback – 2014

Loktantrik Rajniti 2 Textbook of Samajik Vigyan for Class - 10 - 1073(Hindi) Paperback – 2016 useful for cbse class 10th also for various competitive exams and Interviews like upsc , Ias..

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Math Ulike Class 10

Mathematics class 10 ulike sample papers ...

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Mathematics Ncert for Class 10

Mathematics Ncert class 10 book ncert                ..

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Mathematics (Class 10) 6th Edition (English, Paperback, R. D. Sharma)

Mathematics Class X by R. D. Sharma is designed especially for a student of class 10 under the Central Board of Secondary Education. This book is highly reliable as it is designed according to the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education and Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. This book is very useful to the learner as all the problems in the book are explained with detailed steps. The book also contains over 1400 solved questions that give the student the additional practice that he requires.About Dhanpat Rai and Co.This publishing house was first established in 1951 and has since then, being publishing books by various authors and on different subjects. Some of the other books published by this company include Essentials of Mathematics as per New Guidelines of CCE for class 9 by Mamta Batra and Essentials of Mathematics for class 10 by Mamta Batra...

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Mathematics class 10 (English, Paperback, Gupta P P / R . D. SHARMA)

Mathematics class 10  (English, Paperback, Gupta P P / R . D. SHARMA) rd sharma is useful for class 10 th cbse students also for various competitive exams and Interviews...

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Mathematics For Class 10 By R. D. SHARMA

This book has over time proven its worth and helps all the budding students to get a better grasp of maths...

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Exhaustive coverage of the topics that help building Foundation for IIT/AIEEE/PMT while studying class 10th syllabusEach concept of class 10th is explained with solved examples, illustrations activities and concept maps.Complete practice of a topic through variety of questions such as MCQs, Fill in the blanks, True-False, Matrix Match, Assertion and Reason, Passage comprehension, Subjective problems of different weightage.Solved NCERT questions.In short, a complete study package to prepare you to ace in board exams and competitive exams as well.Chapters Included:Chemical Reactions and EquationsAcids, Bases and SaltsMetals and Non-metalsCarbon and Its CompoundsPeriodic Classification of ElementsMole Concept, Stoichiometry and Behaviour of GasesAtomic StructureChemical EquilibriumAnalytical ChemistryQuestions from Science Olympiad and NTSE..

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MTG Foundation Course for Class 10 - Maths

Math has an interdisciplinary quality that cannot be denied, as a result of which, it is a required subject in medicine, engineering and almost every other science subject. The MTG Foundation Course For Class 10 - Maths textbook is a guide for students of 10th standard, that helps them understand complex issues related to Mathematics in a simple manner.The MTG Foundation Course For Class 10 - Maths book can be helpful to students when to comes to preparing for their board exam. The book covers all the topics pertaining to the syllabus and provides detailed explanations in a simple, easy to understand manner. Moreover, the book also has practice activities at the end of each chapter. These activities help students revise what they have learnt in the chapters and also boost their performance levels. The activities used are varied, for instance, MCQ’S matrix match, true or false and so on.MTG Foundation Course For Class 10 - Maths also includes certain topics relevant to the IIT/AIEEE courses, which help lay a foundation for higher studies among students. Thus the book can be used to prepare for competitive examinations as well. Moreover, the book also includes a set of solved NCERT question papers. The inclusion of these make the book even more valuable for students preparing to write various competitive examinations. The first edition of this book was published in 2013 by MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd. It is available in paperback...

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MTG Foundation Course for Class 10 - Physics

MTG Foundation Course For Class 10 - Physics is useful for those students who seek more knowledge of 10th grade Physics. This book helps them prepare for the year-end board exams as well as competitive exams. All the topics of tenth standard Physics are covered in this book exhaustively. This helps the students build a solid foundation for competitive exams like IIT/Aieee/PMT right from the time they are in class 10.Important physics concepts are explained in simple language. This book also includes solved examples and illustrative activities along with concept maps, which make it easy for the students to grasp important concepts. There are also a variety of questions like fill in the blanks, true or false, assertion and reasoning, multiple choice and subjective-type in order to ensure that not only do students understand the concepts well, but are also able to answer any type of question related to the topic.The book also comes with solved Ncert questions which benefit the students in understanding the examination pattern and evaluate themselves. The accompanying activities make the process of learning quite interesting. The questions in the practice exercises are also easy to understand and presented in an interesting manner. The 2013 edition of MTG Foundation Course For Class 10 - Physics was published by MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd in 2013. It is available in the form of a paperback...

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NCERT : Science Textbook For Class - X (English, Paperback, NCERT)

Science Class X is a book authored and published by NCERT. The book is essential for class 10th CBSEstudents studying for their board exams.About NCERTNCERT, National Council of Education Research and Training, is an organisation which was set up to discuss educational matters with the central and state government. It was established in 1961. Their intention is to increase the quality of education in India and aim for the betterment of the teaching-learning experience.Books published by them include: Physics Part I Class XI 01 Edition, Accountancy for Class - 12 (Set of 2 Parts), Themes in Indian History for Class - 12 (Set of 3 Parts), Introductory MicroEconomics and Introductory MacroEconomics...

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Physics Class 10 Lakhmir Out Of Stock

Physics Class 10 Lakhmir

Physics Class 10 Refresher lakhmir singh ..

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Samkalin Bharat 2 Textbook of Bhugol for Class - 10

Samkalin Bharat 2 Textbook of Bhugol for Class - 10 is useful for class 10th exam also for various competitive exams and interviews like upsc and other..

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Sanchyan Hindi Class10

Sanchyan Hindi Class 10 NCERT BOOK ..

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Shitiz Part - 2 - Hindi Textbook for Class X A (Hindi, Paperback, NCERT)

Shitiz Part - 2 - Hindi Textbook for Class X A  (Hindi, Paperback, NCERT) old ncert is useful for class 10th cbse board also for various competitive exams and Interviews like upsc , Ias..

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Social Science By Kapoor JPH Publishing

Social Science for Class 10 by JPH Publishing ..

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Social Science Class 10 NCERT Out Of Stock

Social Science Class 10 NCERT

Social science class 10 NCERT Book ..

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The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

The single most poignant true-life story to emerge from the Second World War In July 1942, Anne Frank and her family, fleeing the horrors of Nazi occupation, hide in the back of an Amsterdam warehouse. Anne is thirteen when the family goes into the Secret Annexe, and over the next two years she vividly describes in her diary the frustrations of living in such confined quarters, the constant threat of discovery, hunger and tiredness and, above all, boredom. Her diary ends abruptly when she and her family are discovered by the Nazis in August 1944. Anne died while imprisoned at Bergen-Belsen, three months short of her sixteenth birthday, but this acute account of her life and the world around her reveals her as more human, more vulnerable and more vital than ever.About the AuthorAnne Frank was a German Jew who was a victim of the Nazi cruelty. She is one of the most popular and discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust. She is known for her diary which she wrote during her hiding days in Netherlands. She died due to typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. There is a statue of her created by Mari Andriessen, outside the Westerkerk in Amsterdam. Plus, an Anne Frank Educational Centre is set up where Anne lived with her family. In 1999, Time magazine included her in their list of The Most Important People of the Century. Plus, Madame Tussauds wax museum has an exhibit that features her. In 1995, Asteroid 5535 Annefrank was named in her honor.The book, 'The Diary of a Young..

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