Oracle SQL Tuning & Cbo Internals by Kimberly Floss

-60% Oracle SQL Tuning & Cbo Internals by Kimberly Floss

New. By drawing from the combined expertise of the world?s leading Oracle experts, it has been possible to create this indispensable guide to Oracle SQL. Tuning Oracle SQL is the single most important skill of the Oracle professional, and Oracle professionals are challenged to create SQL statements that will support thousands of concurrent executions with sub-second response time. This landmark text focuses on advanced Oracle SQL internals and Oracle indexing management. With combined experience of over a century, the world?s best Oracle authors now share their secrets for Turbocharging Oracle SQL execution. This is a super-advanced book for the senior Oracle professional and it is not appropriate for the beginner. The test explores important internal mechanisms within Oracle and illustrates the powerful and complex internals of Oracle SQL execution. Topics include the internals of Oracle cost-based SQL optimizer, SQL execution internals within the library cache, Oracle SQL coding and optimization techniques, and Oracle index internals. Best of all, this text comes with a ready-to-use code depot that is full of working SQL tuning scripts. By leveraging on the expertise of the world`s leading Oracle experts, you can quickly optimize the SQL and indexes inside your Oracle database. Key Features: Hypercharge your SQL Performance See inside the Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer Learn the experts` secrets for Turbocharging Oracle SQL Receive ready-to-run scripts to tune your Oracle SQL Tune your library cache for super-fast SQL parsing Understand the internals of Oracle indexing See when to use Oracle bitmap indexes Explore the internals of SQL execution Understand optimizer plan stability (stored outlines) See how hints can change SQL execution plans Understand multi-level index partitioning Learn why database blocksize is critical for Oracle indexes. Printed Pages: 354. 

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