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In Crime and Thriller novel category you will second hand crime and thriller novels in English and hindi with mint condition .

Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider) Anthony Horowitz
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Model: sg1329
In the eighth book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, Alex meets international do-gooder Desmond McCain. But a simple card game between them rapidly leads to a duel to the death – one that could result in the destruction of an entire country...
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Cross Fire by  James Patterson
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Cross Fire by  James Patterson..
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Cry Wolf  by Wilbur A. Smith
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It was only then that Jake realized that he still carried a full bottle of Scrubbs Ammonia in his hand. The lion came bounding swiftly through the shallow stagnant pool towards him. Despite the wounds, it flowed with lithe and sinuous menace. It was so close that he could see each stuff white whiske..
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CUT LIKE WOUND  (English, Paperback, Nair, Anita)
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Model: sg3218
Cut Like Wound is a crime fiction authored by bestselling author Anita Nair.Summary of the BookCut Like Wound is a unique psychological thriller set in the vibrant city of Bangalore. The book introduces inspector Borie Gowda along with a host of other unforgettable characters. The story starts ..
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Damage by Amrita Kumar
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Damage by Amrita Kumar..
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Danielle Steel - Wings Pb GBP 6.99  (English, Paperback, DANIELLE STEEL)
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Model: sg3098
Danielle Steel - Wings Pb GBP 6.99  (English, Paperback, DANIELLE STEEL)..
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Darkest Evening of the Year by  Dean R. Koontz
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Darkest Evening of the Year by  Dean R. Koontz..
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Darkness, Darkness by Harvey John
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Model: sga154
A war between the past and the present, in a place wracked by guilt and vengeance, a country torn into pieces. A brilliant, important and moving book about the legacy of 1984, and where and who we are now.' David Peace.The final DI Charlie Resnick novel, from the Cartier Diamond Dagger winner and Su..
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daughter's a daughter, a Paperback by Agatha Christie
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Model: sg3103
daughter's a daughter, a Paperback by Agatha Christie..
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Dead Man's Folly by  Christie Agatha
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Dead Man's Folly by  Christie Agatha..
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Dead Woman Writing by Rajat Pillai
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Model: sga1206
Devika has an unstable mind, or so the doctors have been saying. While working on her second book, she starts receiving letters from an enigmatic woman who was already dead. While a bewildered police force investigates mysterious cases happening around town, Devika decides to unfold the true story b..
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Deadly Embrace by Jackie Collins
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Model: sga304
Deadly Embrace by Jackie Collins..
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Death in Vienna by Daniel, Silva
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Model: sga16729
Art restorer and spy Gabriel Allon is sent to Vienna to discover the truth behind a bombing which killed an old friend - a Nazi hunter. While there he encounters something that turns his whole life upside down. Each fact he uncovers only leads to more questions until finally a picture emerges which ..
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Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie
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Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie..
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Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up to the Facts Paperback – August 15, 2006 by Popular Mechanics (
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Model: sg1365
Conspiracy theories about Sept. 11, 2001 continue to spread. Now, in a meticulous, scientific and groundbreaking new book, Popular Mechanics puts these rumors to rest. The magazine’s editors analyze the 20 most persistent claims underlying 9/11 conspiracy theories—and conclusively disprove each one...
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Delhi Durbar - Book 2 The Raisina Trilogy  (English, Paperback, Krishan Partap Singh)
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Model: sgaa1429
Delhi Durbar is a book that is set in Lutyens, Delhi, and is a political thriller with an Indian flavor.Summary Of The BookDelhi Durbar is an astutely written and gripping novel with an outrageous amount of twists and turns that keep the reader deeply engrossed in the characters while the story..
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